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Salary slip format for startups in word and excel

Salary Slip Format In Excel & Word For SMEs & Startups In India

If the end of the month leaves most of us dreadful, the beginning of the new month brings about a pleasant joy as our hard-earned money gets credited to our account. (Oh, the sweet sound…
Payroll compensation for overworked employees

Payroll In SMEs & Startups – Compensation For Overworked Employees

Payroll compensation challenges in small companies We all understand well that the opportunities and challenges facing an SME are very dissimilar to those faced by a big corporation in business. One of the areas they…
Image for payroll structure in startups

Payroll Structure And Compensation For Startups

We live in a business environment of innovation and dynamics so fast-evolving that you blink an eye and miss the play. Entrepreneurs, Marketers,  Investors, and Technology enthusiasts are always conscious of this churn facing the…