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    One of the most crucial HR operations, leave management, takes up a little but considerable amount of managerial time. In the corporate world, spending time equals losing money, and if employees’ leave policies are not predefined, the firm will suffer a significant loss.  Unexpected absences can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line so employees must plan in advance before applying for leave.The majority of individuals have observed tense manager-employee relationships around leave concerns.


    Easy access to leaves

    Check the status of their leave balance.

    Track your past Leaves

    Check details of their past leave since joining the company.

    Apply with a Reason

    Apply for new leave mentioning dates and reason

      Payroll & HR Software

      Trusted by 17000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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      Earlier, the process of taking leave in an organization was very complicated. Employees had to submit their leave requests on paper or mail them to their department’s head, including important details. They then had to wait for formal clearance from the relevant department, which was a long and time-consuming process. As a result, managing leave-related issues become a critical strategic concern for the company. But the leave management system has resolved all these existing issues. The employees can easily apply leaves instantly with a few clicks. They can do this by using their mobile phones and having an internet connection.

      The software for the “Leave management system” is simple to use. 

      Its primary objective is to assist you in collecting the majority of information concerning employee leave details. This automated system handles leaves and adjusts work situations in advance to flourish a strong work ethic by streamlining the work process. Notifications, leave cancellation, automated leave approval, and other features are available in the leave management software. It has advantages for both employees and the HR department. 

      What it offers to employees:

      • Check the status of their leave balance. 
      • Check the details of their past leave since joining the company. 
      • Apply for new leave mentioning the dates, the reason for the same, and the address for contact while on leave. 
      • Get help about the leave system on how to use the different features of it efficiently.

      What does it offer to HR:

      • Keep the track of leaves granted to the employees
      • Mention and categorize the leaves assigned on a monthly and yearly basis.
      • View the current leave requests employees submit for approval or cancellation. 
      • They can approve or deny the leave applications that come to them.
      • Cancel their approved leave based on certain grounds.

      The Employee Leave Management System is created to address the prevailing issues in the previous manual system. This software is designed to remove and reduce the difficulties an organization faces while assigning, approving, or rejecting leave to employees.

      While managers are sometimes overburdened with tasks and resources, authorizing subordinates’ leaves is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, HR must guarantee that the company follows the policies of leave and appropriate resources are available to assure company continuity; on the other hand, it must promote employee satisfaction as any discrepancies in leave will affect the payroll processing. 

      It is necessary for both employees and the employer to take time off for themselves after working continuously for a certain period. Taking a vacation enhances people’s work-life balance and decreases stress by promoting excellent physical and mental health in the workplace. To make this leave procedure easy, Kredily has simplified its Leave management software and made it user-friendly as you do not require any formal expertise to utilize this system. Furthermore, being a company, you can tailor this system according to your specific requirements for smooth and efficient operations.


      Leave Management System has a login id for every employee of the organization. It allows them to see their attendance information as well as their leave status. They can also seek a leave of absence. 

      HR login into the leave management software enables them to confirm the leave requests made by the company's personnel. They have the option of accepting or rejecting the leave.

      The companies using leave management system software provide a user id and password to their employees to access the database of the Leave Management System. They can easily log in to the system and access it according to their requirement.

      The employee can log in to the system with his id and password and use the option to fill out a pre-made leave form and send it to the head of the concerned department for approval. The superior gets the application, does the automated verification, and then gives his approval or rejection to the employee through the system. The employee can then view the response to his leave application.

        Payroll & HR Software

        Trusted by 17000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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