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Uncovering the Top Reasons Behind Employee Attrition: Effects and Strategies to Combat Them.

What is Attrition? Employee attrition is a term used in the Human Resource System to refer to the gradual losses of employees from an organization. It can be due to various reasons, including employees leaving…
Payroll compensation for overworked employees

Payroll In SMEs & Startups – Compensation For Overworked Employees

Payroll compensation challenges in SMEs & Startups We all understand well that the opportunities and challenges facing an SMEs & Startups are very dissimilar to those faced by a big corporation in business. One of…
How to manage employee attrition post appraisal blues

How To Manage Attrition Rates Post-Appraisal Blues?

Everyone in India knows how crucial the months of March and April are when it comes to finances and the economy of the country at large. The fiscal year in India starts on the 1st…