Attendance Management

Kredily’s attendance management system helps your track your employees attendance efficiently without any fuss

Attendance Management

Still marking employee attendance on spreadsheets at the start of each day? Missing out on accurate attendance in different offices?

Now, automate employee attendance tracking with Kredily. Integrate Kredily with your biometric attendance tracking system or use Kredily’s web clock-in/clock-out feature to track employee attendance without any hassle.

Attend to matters other than attendance management

With the most robust attendance management that comes free of cost, Kredily records real-time attendance data from all the defined sources, whether it is authorized hardware devices or by the in-built ESS portal.
As the attendance management system is internally integrated with the payroll processing system, you do not need to manually check the attendance of each employee at the end of the month for salary calculation and disbursement.

Mark Attendance However & Whenever You Want

Integration Compatibility with all kinds of attendance monitoring devices. The Kredily attendance management system can be easily configured to the existing biometric device being used in your organization as it is compatible with all kinds of biometric integration and attendance devices, right from fingerprint recognition and face recognition to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Web based and mobile based attendance tracking on our cloud based system

As the free attendance management system is cloud-based, there is an inbuilt provision for web-based and mobile-based check-in too in case your organization wants to do away with physical attendance devices or if the employees are remotely-located, are working from home, or are on out-duty locations.

GPS based data capuring for attendance

For remote employees or work-from-home days, you can validate employees’ check-ins using the GPS feature that enables employees to check-in from pre-defined locations and tracks their real-time location.

Stress free shift management

There is no need to wreck your brains if your organization works on many shifts as it is quite easy to create and assign different shifts to different groups of employees on the Kredily attendance management system.

Configure customized attendance rules

With the shift management feature of Kredily attendance management system, you can easily configure individual attendance rules, mark-in and mark-out times along with weekly offs and paid holidays for each shift of employees based on their departments and locations.

Configure Attendance Policies & Reports

With Kredily attendance management system, it is quite simple to create customized attendance policies that work the best for your organization. Create an attendance scheme when you are installing the software and you are good-to-go with no follow-up steps as everything is automated from the first click.

Calculates overtime and other variables itself

No more breaking your heads over overtime calculations as it computes the working hours for employees on its own and automatically calculates the compensation for the overtime hours due to its seamless integration with payroll processing system.

Develop one click attendance reports

Keep an eye on the attendance roster with the customizable attendance reports that can be generated with a few clicks and let you monitor attendance of both individuals and teams in real time.

Employee Self Service Portal for attendance monitoring ease

The ESS portal is a boon for employee as they can easily monitor their attendance and their working hours for each month on a single screen in one glance with an interface that is extremely simple to use.
If you dread the end of each month for the numerous attendance issues that crop up and plague you, you can breathe easy now as the employees can now regularize their attendance on their own without any need of HR intervention.

Support Like No Other

The most complaint of attendance management systems is failure of recording attendance and Kredily attendance management system works proactively to prevent it by notifying the admin when there is an attendance device failure.

Easy migration of system

Migration from your current attendance management system to Kredily attendance management system is seamless and instant with next to no data loss. If there is anything that goes wrong, our 24*7 support service will surely solve it for you in a jiffy.

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    Features of Attendance Management

    Approve Reject

    Manage Requests

    Approve or reject leave requests raised by employees

    Customisable Rules

    Customizable Rules

    Assign predefined attendance rules or create custom rules

    One stop view

    One-stop View

    View entire organization's attendance at a single place

    What more, you ask?

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    Get constant support from our rockstar team during the initial stages of setting up and using Kredily.

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      Trusted by 17000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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