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Our attendance management system precisely monitors employee attendance, covering clock-ins, clock-outs, break durations, and leave records. With Kredily's powerful attendance features, accuracy in tracking employee attendance reaches new heights.



Unlock the power of precision and efficiency in employee attendance tracking with Kredily's auto-clock in and clock-out feature through Klocky. Effortlessly blend timekeeping with payroll management for smoother operations and a significant reduction in manual errors.


Customizable Rules

Empower your organization's attendance policies with Kredily's customizable attendance rules feature. Craft and implement personalized rules for late arrivals, early departures, and beyond, guaranteeing adherence and streamlining attendance management efficiently.

Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding


Effortlessly synchronize your real-time biometric attendance data through Kredily's Kredsync feature, offering seamless integration with ESSL biometric devices. Experience precise and automated attendance tracking, eradicating the need for manual data entry and delivering time-saving benefits for HR teams


GEO Fencing

Streamline workforce attendance management with Kredily's Geo-Fencing feature. Establish virtual boundaries and monitor employee clock-ins and outs according to predefined locations, guaranteeing compliance and precise timekeeping for office teams.


Notifications & Reminders

Kredily's attendance management system boasts automated notification capabilities, sending reminders to employees for attendance-related tasks and events. These notifications cover anomalies such as early or late logins and logouts.

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Save time, eliminate errors, and empower your workforce with Kredily’s state-of-the-art technology, designed to maximize productivity every step of the way.


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Our user-friendly features make HR management a breeze, eliminating complexity and boosting efficiency.


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Enjoy guaranteed same-day implementation with us! Say goodbye to waiting, and start reaping the benefits right away.


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Experience a hassle-free setup in just 15 minutes. No delays, only smooth sailing ahead.

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Simplify your HR processes by establishing rules and allowing our software to manage the rest, giving you the freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives.


Attendance Tracker

Foster growth with effortless attendance management. Enhance productivity, promote engagement, and forge connections. Join us for a brighter future, one attendance at a time.

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Access Attendance Logs for All Employees in One Convenient Location

When assigning employees to shifts, administrators can conveniently access comprehensive attendance data for each employee. This includes login and logout times, as well as break durations, all conveniently available in one centralized location. No need to switch between pages because all the employee data is available in one place, irrespective of the department.

Check for attendance anomalies and take action.

We understand that your attendance policies require employees to be present at work for a certain number of hours each day/week/month. Attendance irregularities can be easily monitored to ensure employees’ compliance with these policies.

Create and assign multiple attendance rules.

With our attendance management software, creating and assigning multiple shifts is a breeze. You can effortlessly apply distinct shift rules to individual employees.

Biometric device integration.

That’s correct! You have the option to seamlessly integrate your biometric device with Kredily’s attendance management system. Our software is accessible to both employees and managers via any device with an internet connection, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Nivedita Chandra Chief HR Strategist, Cuddles Foundation

As a expanding non-profit organization, we were in search of an HR solution that could efficiently handle our fundamental HR operations without a significant financial burden. This is where Kredily came to our rescue! Kredily provided us with a Core HR suite completely free of charge. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface is remarkably intuitive and doesn't necessitate any training for implementation. It's quite noteworthy that in India, an HRIS company is offering such valuable services to clients without any cost.

Bhavesh Patel HR Manager, Shankus Pharmaceuticals

We are highly content and delighted to have discovered Kredily as our HRMS partner. Throughout our collaboration, Kredily has cultivated a deep understanding of our unique vision and workflows, effectively aligning with our operations without causing any disruptions or complications on our end.

Sandeep G. Khode Co-Founder, Director, WordsMaya

I discovered Kredily at precisely the moment when I began exploring HR tools and services for our operations. As a founder of a startup, I found myself dedicating a significant amount of time to manage attendance, leave, and payroll records. Kredily brought a higher level of transparency to our company's HR processes. The setup process was straightforward and well-guided. Personally, I appreciated the comprehensive information provided within the application about HR procedures.

Gautam Pradhan Executive Director, Harsha Trust

We take immense satisfaction in our partnership with Kredily, which has proven immensely beneficial in streamlining our HRMS operations. For a small NGO such as ours, having access to a comprehensive solution on a single platform for managing employee records and authorization has been invaluable. This support has significantly contributed to our efforts in establishing our organization as an efficient institution.

N K Sherman CFO and Director, Streamingo Solutions

Streamingo, a startup operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, shares the common challenge with all bootstrapped startups in seeking a cost-effective HRMS solution. We were pleasantly amazed to discover that Kredily not only provides a user-friendly HRMS solution but also does so at zero cost. Kredily encompasses many of the features typically found in standard HRMS solutions and boasts remarkable simplicity and ease of use.

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The two types of attendance are:

  1. Regular Attendance: Regular attendance refers to an employee’s presence during their scheduled work hours on a regular basis, usually defined as full-time or part-time employment. This type of attendance is tracked to ensure that employees are meeting their work obligations and completing their assigned tasks within the required time frames.

  2. Irregular Attendance: Irregular attendance refers to an employee’s absence or late arrival from work due to unexpected circumstances, such as illness, personal reasons, or emergencies. This type of attendance is tracked to monitor absenteeism and to ensure that employees are following the organization’s attendance policies and procedures.

Both types of attendance are important to track and manage, as they can affect an organization’s productivity, profitability, and overall success. By implementing an attendance management system, organizations can effectively monitor and manage both regular and irregular attendance, ensuring that employees are meeting their work obligations and that the organization is functioning efficiently.

Large companies typically use automated attendance management software to track employee attendance. This software allows companies to track attendance data in real-time and provides a centralized platform for attendance management, reporting, and analytics.

 Employee attendance can be controlled through various methods, including:

a) Time clocks or biometric systems: Employees clock in and out using their fingerprints, swipe cards, or ID badges.

b) Online attendance portals: Employees log in to an online system to record their attendance.

c) Mobile apps: Employees use mobile applications to check in and out or submit their attendance.

d) Supervision and monitoring: Managers or supervisors keep track of employee attendance through observation and reporting.

The attendance process typically involves employees recording their arrival and departure times or total hours worked. This information is collected and used to calculate payroll, monitor attendance patterns, and ensure compliance with work schedules.

Common modes of attendance include:

a) Manual systems: Employees use paper-based time sheets or sign-in/sign-out registers.

b) Time clocks: Employees use physical time clocks to punch in and out.

c) Biometric systems: Employees use fingerprint or facial recognition technology for attendance verification.

d) Online portals or apps: Employees log in to an online system or mobile application to record their attendance.

Different options for an attendance management system include:

a) Standalone software applications installed on company servers.

b) Cloud-based attendance management platforms accessed through web browsers.

c) Mobile applications that allow employees to record attendance using smartphones.

d) Integrated HRMS or workforce management systems that include attendance functionality.

When choosing an attendance management system, consider:

a) Your organization’s specific attendance tracking requirements.

b) Scalability to accommodate your workforce size and future growth.

c) User-friendliness and ease of implementation.

d) Integration capabilities with other HR or payroll systems.

e) Security features to protect employee data.

f) Vendor reputation, customer support, and cost-effectiveness.