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Set Geo Location and Leave Rest on Klocky

Step into the Automated Attendance System with Kredily

No more chasing late entries or deciphering messy handwriting. Klocky seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, clocking employees in and out based on their movements. Whether they’re at their desks, enjoying a well-deserved break, or grabbing a coffee, Klocky accurately captures their time, ensuring reliable, real-time data for you and your team. 


Klocky - Automated Attendance System

Unlock the power of precision and efficiency in employee attendance tracking with Kredily's auto-clock in and clock-out feature through Klocky. Effortlessly blend timekeeping with payroll management for smoother operations and a significant reduction in manual errors.


Live Tracking

Our attendance management system precisely monitors employee attendance, covering clock-ins, clock-outs, break durations, and leave records. With Kredily's powerful attendance features, accuracy in tracking employee attendance reaches new heights.


Customizable Rules

Empower your organization's attendance policies with Kredily's customizable attendance rules feature. Craft and implement personalized rules for late arrivals, early departures, and beyond, guaranteeing adherence and streamlining attendance management efficiently.

Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding


Effortlessly synchronize your real-time biometric attendance data through Kredily's Kredsync feature, offering seamless integration with ESSL biometric devices. Experience precise and automated attendance system, eradicating the need for manual data entry and delivering time-saving benefits for HR teams


GEO Fencing

Streamline workforce attendance management with Kredily's Geo-Fencing feature. Establish virtual boundaries and monitor employee clock-ins and outs according to predefined locations, guaranteeing compliance and precise timekeeping for office teams.


Notifications & Reminders

Kredily's attendance management system boasts automated notification capabilities, sending reminders to employees for attendance-related tasks and events. These notifications cover anomalies such as early or late logins and logouts.

Send Your Attendance System to Automation

Save time, eliminate errors, and empower your workforce with Kredily’s state-of-the-art technology, designed to maximize productivity every step of the way.


Quick Response

Experience prompt support and assistance from our dedicated team, ensuring you get the help you need without any delays.


Simplicity Redefined

Our user-friendly features make HR management a breeze, eliminating complexity and boosting efficiency.


Guaranteed Same Day Implementation

Enjoy guaranteed same-day implementation with us! Say goodbye to waiting, and start reaping the benefits right away.


15 Minutes Setup

Experience a hassle-free setup in just 15 minutes. No delays, only smooth sailing ahead.

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Simplify your HR processes by establishing rules and allowing our software to manage the rest, giving you the freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives.


Attendance Tracker

Foster growth with effortless attendance management. Enhance productivity, promote engagement, and forge connections. Join us for a brighter future, one attendance at a time.

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Klocky - Automated Attendance FAQ's

Klocky from Kredily HRMS takes the pain out of attendance tracking. Say goodbye to messy timesheets and hello to automated attendance management system!

HR just need to go to their admin panel and set the geo location where they want to attendance to be marked. Now switch on the button from attendance settings.

Employees need to worry about their attedance punching. When ever the employee will enter into the set geo location, attendance will get auto marked through Kredily App.

Klocky's watchful eye extends beyond the office walls. During set shifts, any employee venturing outside the designated geo-location will be gracefully clocked out by the automated attendance system.

To ensure accurate timekeeping, Klocky utilizes geofencing technology. If an employee exits the office designated area during work hours, Klocky automatically clocks them out. Upon their return, Klocky seamlessly clocks them back in, capturing their precise break duration.

Yes, Klocky uses network connection.

Whenever your internet connection will be restored, Klocky will auto update the data. 

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