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Enhance Your HR Management with These Crucial HRMS Software Features.

Innovative Culture

Stays up-to-date with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Data Management

Central component of data management for HR operations, encompassing recruitment, candidate tracking, and more.

Employee Experience

Employee experience profoundly influences engagement and productivity, cultivating a positive workplace where talents flourish. It forms the core of a company's achievements, weaving together culture, development, and wellness.

Productive Workplace

Important contributions to develop and sustain a productive workplace employing cloud-based HRMS.


It aligns its people strategy with its agile business strategy, adjusting to the rapidly evolving business landscape.


Improves Efficiency

Implementing streamlined processes and harnessing cutting-edge technology enhances efficiency, boosting productivity, and optimizing resource allocation for long-term sustainability.

Impressions Made So Far

Our HRMS Payroll software has helped 20,000+ companies achieve easy Salary Transfer, save countless Work Hours.

Salary Payout of ₹1000+ Crores

Work Hours Saved 2,56,000+

Employees Onboarded 600,000+

As technology continues to evolve and update, HR must adapt to stay in sync, gaining a deeper understanding of cloud and digital technologies. 
Possessing expertise in this domain ensures the provision of pertinent and accurate information of decision making, policy framework, and analysis much easier. HR must select the best cloud HRMS to manage
the entire employee base in the organization.

Having access to Kredily’s HRMS software tools and data to make informed decisions and deliver meaningful, productive value, many HR professionals have become vital assets within their organizations. This underscores the significance of HR in ensuring the business operates smoothly and thrives in the future.

What is the difference between HRIS and HRMS Software?

HRIS is a similar term to HRMS. The terms HRMS and HRIS are frequently interchanged. However, HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) are identical.

The HR manager requires a substantial amount of data for various purposes, and HRMS software is a response to this requirement. It is a system designed for the operational management of the organization. It encompasses technology and HR-related software and personnel, forms, rules, procedures, data, and information.



Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is an integrated software platform designed to automate many human resource management processes. It manages and stores information about an organization’s employees, including onboarding, payroll, attendance and leave, benefits, and other critical employee information. HRMS systems also provide a platform for businesses to monitor and analyze employee performance, measure progress over time, and assess areas for improvement.

HRMS software aids HR professionals in the administration of the workforce, from HR planning and analysis, personnel data management, payroll process, recruiting, bonus and perks, insurance, training, job productivity, attendance and leave, HR development, and so on

The company uses HRMS as one of the most important systems for obtaining, storing, operating, scrutinizing, retrieving, and allocating information about the organization’s human resources. Individuals working in this field must have skills and knowledge about the human resource management system.

  • Human resource planning, personnel administration, training and development, maintenance, appraisal, payroll information, industrial relations, job analysis design, and projects and assignments are all covered by HRMS. It procures and provides information about these elements of HR.

There are two major HRMS functions: data collection and the other is data management.

HRIS can assist employees with equal employment opportunities, staffing, employee remuneration, perks and benefits, healthcare insurance, safety and security, record keeping, and nurturing well-being.

HRIS is a similar term to HRMS. The terms HRMS and HRIS are frequently interchanged. However, HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) are identical. The HR manager needs a significant amount of data for various reasons, and HRIS is an outcome of this need. It is the system built for the organization’s operational management. It encompasses technology and HR-related software and personnel, forms, rules, procedures, data, and information.

The cost of HRMS Software varies depending on the functions and features it provides. However, Kredily HRMS software comes for free.

We need HRMS Software to serve as the backbone of data management for various HR operations, including recruiting and monitoring candidates, storing employee data, handling payroll processing and benefits, and adhering to regulatory and legal standards.

The basics of HRMS are-
Recruitment & selection
Training & development
Performance management
Attendance and Payroll Management
Compensation and benefits
Strategic HR Management.
Employee and labor relations.
Risk management.

HCM (Human Capital Management) and HRMS (Human Resource Management
System) are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different things.
HCM is a strategic approach to managing human resources, which focuses on maximizing the value of an organization’s workforce. HCM encompasses various activities, including workforce planning, talent acquisition and management, performance management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and
succession planning. HCM is a more holistic and integrated approach to HR management.
HRMS, on the other hand, refers to a software system that automates and manages many administrative tasks associated with HR management. HRMS systems typically include features such as employee record-keeping, payroll processing, benefits
administration, and time and attendance tracking.
In summary, HCM is a strategic approach to managing human resources. At the same time, HRMS is a software system that automates many administrative tasks associated with HR management. While the two concepts are related, they are distinct and serve different
purposes within an organization’s HR strategy.

HRMS software typically focuses on administrative tasks, such as managing employee data, payroll processing, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and compliance management. HRMS software provides a centralized database to store employee information, making managing and maintaining employee records easier.

HCM software, on the other hand, is focused on the strategic management of human resources.
It covers a wide range of activities to maximise the value of an organizations workforce, including talent management, performance management, learning and development, workforce planning, and succession planning. It enables organizations to align their HR strategies with their overall business objectives and helps create a more engaged and productive workforce.
Both HRMS and HCM software are essential tools for organizations to manage their human resources more efficiently and effectively. While HRMS software focuses on administrative tasks, HCM software takes a more strategic approach to HR management, helping organizations improve their overall performance and achieve their business goals.

The Indian market offers a wide range of options for HR payroll software. However, you can choose the ideal option for your organisation based on your company’s requirements and the features offered by the software within your price range. Additionally, Kredily HR and Payroll software will unquestionably be the best for your business if you run a small or medium-sized business.

The company needs HRMS software to manage all its internal HR functions efficiently and hassle-free.
It is used for obtaining, storing, operating, retrieving, and allocating information about the organization’s human resources.
It helps the HR department manage employee data to effectively handle the onboarding, attendance, and payroll process.

Our Partners

Nivedita Chandra Chief HR Strategist, Cuddles Foundation

As a expanding non-profit organization, we were in search of an HR solution that could efficiently handle our fundamental HR operations without a significant financial burden. This is where Kredily came to our rescue! Kredily provided us with a Core HR suite completely free of charge. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface is remarkably intuitive and doesn't necessitate any training for implementation. It's quite noteworthy that in India, an HRIS company is offering such valuable services to clients without any cost.

Bhavesh Patel HR Manager, Shankus Pharmaceuticals

We are highly content and delighted to have discovered Kredily as our HRMS partner. Throughout our collaboration, Kredily has cultivated a deep understanding of our unique vision and workflows, effectively aligning with our operations without causing any disruptions or complications on our end.

Sandeep G. Khode Co-Founder, Director, WordsMaya

I discovered Kredily at precisely the moment when I began exploring HR tools and services for our operations. As a founder of a startup, I found myself dedicating a significant amount of time to manage attendance, leave, and payroll records. Kredily brought a higher level of transparency to our company's HR processes. The setup process was straightforward and well-guided. Personally, I appreciated the comprehensive information provided within the application about HR procedures.

Gautam Pradhan Executive Director, Harsha Trust

We take immense satisfaction in our partnership with Kredily, which has proven immensely beneficial in streamlining our HRMS operations. For a small NGO such as ours, having access to a comprehensive solution on a single platform for managing employee records and authorization has been invaluable. This support has significantly contributed to our efforts in establishing our organization as an efficient institution.

N K Sherman CFO and Director, Streamingo Solutions

Streamingo, a startup operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, shares the common challenge with all bootstrapped startups in seeking a cost-effective HRMS solution. We were pleasantly amazed to discover that Kredily not only provides a user-friendly HRMS solution but also does so at zero cost. Kredily encompasses many of the features typically found in standard HRMS solutions and boasts remarkable simplicity and ease of use.

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