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Online Payslip Generator

Effortlessly initiate secure salary disbursements from your partner bank account to employees' bank accounts with a single click.


Two Step Process

Sign up and complete your account setup by defining your attendance rules and employee data and you are good to go!


Auto Payslip Generation

Kredily's automated payslip generation offers a seamless solution for effortlessly producing precise and comprehensive employee payslips.


Use this 3-step process to generate a payslip within a fraction of seconds.

Step 1: Sign up and create a free account

Step 2: Complete your account setup by onboarding your employees and set attendance rules. 

Step 3: Run Payroll and “Generate Payslip” on the go.  

Generating online payroll payslip manually can take a lot of time as there are multiple components associated with it. However, With Kredily's software, generating a payslip is a quick and efficient process. It can be done within minutes, thanks to the automated features and user-friendly interface.

A comprehensive payslip should include essential details such as employee information, salary components (basic pay, allowances, deductions), tax deductions, net pay, and company-specific information like logo and address. Kredily's payslip generation feature ensures all these components are included accurately.

Payslips are prepared to serve multiple purposes. They provide a transparent breakdown of an employee's salary, ensuring they understand their earnings, deductions, and taxes. Payslips also serve as proof of income for employees when applying for loans, mortgages, or other financial purposes. Additionally, they help employers maintain accurate payroll records.