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    One of the essential aspects of a job is time management.

    Businesses can use attendance tracking applications to:

    Track staff working hours and attendance accurately

    Using a GPS to make sure employees are clocked in at the right location

    With alerts and reminders, you can keep track of overtime and time limits

    Process Payroll on time

    Manage employee absences and requests for paid time off

      Payroll & HR Software

      Trusted by 17000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

      Existing User? 

      Working long hours or overtime is meaningless if you don’t know how to manage your time effectively. 

      This time management is important not just for employees but also for managers. To measure an employee’s productive hours, the employer must maintain track of how much time they spend at the company.

      While remote working is popular these days, businesses must have an application to track their employees’ attendance.

      These are just a few of the advantages that companies will gain from installing an attendance application.

      • A reduction in human error, 
      • Real-time data and input from employees, and 
      • Complete monitoring of where and when people checked in and out 

      Key features of Kredily’s Attendance Management Application:

      • Free Forever Plan to manage your employee’s attendance through Kredily App.
      • Pro Plan has numerous advantages for every size of business at an affordable price.
      • Can easily manage time and attendance of employees
      • Automatic notification and reminders
      • Customer service that is quick and responsive
      • Simple to use and put into action right away
      • Employee management and time attendance in one package
      • Can easily integrate attendance data with Payroll.

      The HR staff can control employee attendance more easily with the help of Kredily’s attendance application.


      You can easily track your employees' login locations using Geo-Fencing and a GPS tracker.

      Yes, employees can regularize their anomalies through Kredily's attendance application but only after providing a valid reason to their managers.