10 Best HRMS Software in India (2024) – Ditch the HR Headache


Managing HR in India’s bustling business jungle can feel like wrestling a Bengal tiger while blindfolded. Paperwork piling up like Mount Everest, spreadsheets multiplying like rabbits, and a chorus of employee groans? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But fear not, brave entrepreneurs, for the future of HR has arrived, riding in on a sleek cloud of HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software. Choosing the right one can be as tricky as navigating a Delhi traffic jam at rush hour, so we’ve braved the software safari and handpicked the best HRMS software in India to help you tame your HR tiger, boost efficiency, and unleash a happier, more productive workforce.

Why Invest in the best HRMS software in India?

Imagine ditching the manual paperwork tango, automating payroll with a digital pirouette, and managing attendance from anywhere with your phone. An HRMS is your one-stop HR haven, from recruitment’s salsa to performance management’s cha-cha and offboarding’s graceful waltz. It’s like having a dedicated HR superhero on your team, minus the need for chai breaks (unless it’s virtual chai, of course!).

Here below are the 10 best hrms software in India:


#1 Kredily HRMS

Your budget-conscious best friend forever, Kredily HRMS is the Goldilocks of the bunch, just right for any business no matter the size. For startups and small teams, their Free Forever Plan for Unlimited employees with all the essentials like leave, attendance, and payroll – no hidden fees, no upgrade pressure, just pure HR bliss.
But Kredily doesn’t stop there. For mid-sized and larger companies, they unveil a whole treasure trove of robust features like performance management, exit management, Asset management and even employee benefits integration. And the best part? Their prices are the most wallet-friendly in the industry, leaving you with more cash for lattes and team outings. On top of all that, their interface is smoother than a freshly paved road, making even the most complex HR tasks a breeze. Plus, there’s a free app for admins and employees, so you can manage HR on the go without breaking a sweat.

Best for All sizes, loves startups and budget-conscious companies.

Cost: The free Forever plan for unlimited employees is available, paid plans start at a pocket-friendly Rs. 1499 per month for 25 employees.

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#2 Keka HR:

This cloud-based powerhouse simplifies HR for all sizes with its user-friendly interface and robust features like attendance and leave management. While pricier than Kredily, Keka excels in larger organizations with complex HR needs.

Best for: Medium and large organizations.

Cost: Starts at Rs. 6999 monthly for up to 100 employees.


#3 Greyt HR:

Streamline your processes and empower your employees with Greyt hr’s intuitive platform. They offer an extensive range of features, keeping your team focused and productive. Ideal for mid-sized and large companies, Greyt hr pricing sits comfortably in the middle or above the middle of the pack.

Best for: Medium and large organizations.

Cost: Minimum paid package starts at Rs. 3495 monthly for up to 50 employees.


#4 Zoho People:

User-friendliness meets powerful functionality in Zoho People. This comprehensive HRMS simplifies complex processes for all sizes, offering a one-stop platform from recruitment to exit. Their pay-per-user model makes it budget-friendly for smaller teams.

Best for: All sizes, especially mid & large teams.

Cost: Pay-per-user, starts at Rs. 48 per month per user, billed annually.


#5 Razorpay:

Razorpay HRMS packs a punch with its user-friendly interface and customizable features. Think seamless automation, from payroll to attendance, all wrapped in a mobile-friendly package. They are more focused on payroll management.

Best for: The ideal choice for medium and large-sized organizations.

Razorpay’s pricing plan starts at Rs. 4999 per month for up to 50 employees.


#6 Bamboo HR:

Manage day-to-day HR operations for any organization size with Bamboo HR’s diverse range of services. Their user-friendly interface and customizable features make them a viable option, but their pricing model requires contacting them for a quote, which might deter some businesses.

Best for: All sizes, but quote-based pricing might be a hurdle.

Cost: Quote-based pricing.


#7 Darwinbox:

Darwinbox casts a modern spell on HR, enchanting mid-sized organizations with its cloud-based platform. Their diverse bag of tricks includes seamless recruitment, comprehensive performance management, and a mobile app that keeps your HR wand at the ready.

Best for: The ideal choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

Cost: Darwinbox follows a quotation-based pricing model.


#8 SumHR:

Simplify and automate your HR operations with SumHR’s efficient software solution. They empower businesses to manage their HR tasks effectively, making them ideal for mid-sized and large organizations. However, their pricing structure is similar to Zimyo, so budget awareness is key.

Best for: Medium and large organizations.

Cost: Pricing information is not readily available, likely quote-based.


#9 HR One:

This cloud-based HRMS helps businesses simplify their operations with unique features that automate and streamline workflows. While their pricing isn’t readily available on their website, HR One caters primarily to mid-sized and large organizations looking for advanced HR solutions.

Best for: Medium and large organizations.

Cost: Quote-based pricing.


#10 Zimyo:

Zimyo offers end-to-end HR solutions with features that help companies streamline processes and boost productivity. Their cloud-based platform caters to all sizes, but their pricing might be on the higher side for smaller companies.

Best for: All sizes, but pricing might be higher for smaller teams.

Cost: Pricing information is not readily available, likely quote-based.

Beyond the Spreadsheet Saga: Factors to be considered while choosing the Best HRMS Software in India

Ah, the joy of managing HR in India! From vibrant festivals to the rhythmic clinking of chai cups, life is full of colour and…well, spreadsheet mountains reaching the Himalayas? If you’re an Indian business owner grappling with paperwork and yearning for HR nirvana, fear not! The future of HR has arrived, riding a cloud of HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software. But navigating the plethora of options can feel like traversing a Delhi traffic jam at rush hour – chaotic and confusing. Worry not, my fellow entrepreneur, for I’m here to equip you with the compass you need to navigate the masala of factors involved in choosing the perfect HRMS partner.

1. Self-Discovery and Company Insights:

Before diving into software demos, take a moment for introspection. How big is your team? What are your core HR needs – payroll automation, recruitment magic, or performance review superpowers? Are you a nimble startup or a seasoned corporate veteran? Understanding your size, needs, and plans is crucial to finding an HRMS that fits like a well-tailored sherwani, not the other way around.

2. Budget: The Balancing Act:

Let’s be honest, rupees talk. Don’t be lured by flashy features into a financial tango you can’t afford. Set a realistic budget and stick to it! Remember, the most expensive HRMS isn’t necessarily the best – finding the perfect harmony between features and cost is your ultimate financial Bhangra.

3. User-Friendliness: The Key to Happy Tunes:

Imagine your employees wrestling with an HRMS interface so complex it requires Sanskrit fluency. Not a melody most would enjoy! Choose an HRMS that’s as intuitive as a well-composed raga, easy to navigate, and doesn’t require a manual longer than the Ramayana. A happy, tech-savvy workforce is a productive workforce, after all.

4. Scalability: Growing with Grace:

Your company is a blossoming mango tree, and you don’t want an HRMS that can only handle a single sprout. Pick a software that can grow alongside you – one that accommodates increasing employee numbers, evolving needs, and maybe even your future Bollywood production ambitions.

5. The Desi Touch: Spice Up Your HR:

While global HRMS solutions have their merits, sometimes you need a pinch of local flavour. Look for software that understands the specific needs of Indian businesses, like compliance with Indian labour laws, integration with local payroll systems, and maybe even a touch of cricket score tracking (we all need a break, right?).

6. Security: Fort Knox for Your Data:

Data is the new gold, and your employees’ information deserves Fort Knox-level security. Choose an HRMS with robust data encryption, secure login protocols, and regular backups.

7. Support: Your Reliable Chorus:

Nobody enjoys being stranded on a deserted island, especially when it comes to HR software glitches. Choose an HRMS with responsive customer support, ideally with local teams who understand the nuances of Indian business.

8. Demo Dance: Find Your Rhythm:

Don’t just read, experience! Most HRMS providers offer free demos, so take advantage of them! Test-drive the software, ask questions, and see if it feels like a good fit. Remember, choosing an HRMS is like picking a business partner – you want chemistry, compatibility, and maybe even a little spark of excitement.

9. Journey, Not Destination:

Implementing an HRMS is a marathon, not a sprint. Be prepared for some bumps along the road, training hurdles, and the occasional technical hiccup. Embrace the learning process, celebrate small wins, and remember, even chai takes time to brew to perfection.

10. The Symphony of Success:

No more paperwork mountains, no more frustrated employees, just a streamlined, efficient HR symphony. You’ve conquered the spreadsheets and the chaos, and now you can focus on the melody truly important – building a thriving, happy business filled with motivated employees and success stories worthy of Bollywood applause.

With these tips in your pocket, you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect HRMS software and transforming your Indian business into a haven of efficiency and employee satisfaction. Remember, the path to HR nirvana is paved with careful consideration, a healthy dose of chai, and maybe even a little bit of Bollywood magic. Now go forth, conquer your HR tiger, and paint your vibrant masterpiece on the canvas of your business!

The detailed comparisons will help you choose the best HRMS software in India from the options below:

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Choosing the right HRMS in India can feel like navigating a monsoon in rickshaw flip-flops – a slippery mess with potential disaster lurking around every turn. But fear not, weary traveller! Kredily HRMS rises like a sturdy umbrella, offering comprehensive features, scalability, and affordability to shield you from any HR storm. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a bustling bazaar, Kredily scales with you, ensuring a smooth journey. So ditch the chaos, grab your Kredily HRMS, and conquer the HR jungle – a smile and Kredily are all you need!