Kredily vs Zoho

Seamless HR Management: The Unmatched User-Friendliness of Kredily Surpasses Zoho

Core HR

Kredily establishes its superiority in Core HR functions with a seamlessly integrated platform that covers every aspect, from onboarding to attendance and payroll management. Its intuitive system ensures efficiency and accuracy. While Zoho offers Core HR services, Kredily’s user-centric approach and comprehensive features make it the preferred choice for organizations seeking a robust and hassle-free HR solution.


When it comes to tailoring the HR software to fit unique organizational needs, Kredily takes the lead. Its highly customizable platform allows businesses to adapt the software to specific workflows, ensuring a personalized experience. Zoho, while providing customization options, may not match the level of flexibility that Kredily effortlessly offers. Kredily stands out as the solution that effortlessly molds itself to the distinct requirements of each organization.

User Interface

Kredily not only excels in functionality but also boasts a user-friendly interface that sets it apart. Its modern design and intuitive layout ensure a seamless navigation experience for users of all levels. On the other hand, while Zoho is functional, Kredily’s aesthetic appeal and simplicity in design provide a more engaging and user-centric experience. Opting for Kredily means choosing not just efficiency in HR management but also an interface that enhances overall user experience.

Superior Customer Support

In the realm of customer support, Kredily stands out with its unwavering commitment to excellence. The dedicated support team goes above and beyond to address queries promptly, understanding the critical role support plays in HR management. While Zoho provides customer support, Kredily’s exceptional service ensures organizations have expert assistance readily available. Opting for Kredily means not just investing in a software solution but also gaining a reliable partner committed to the success of your HR endeavors.

Pricing Comparison

Features Kredily Zoho
Rs 1499 for upto 25 Employees Rs 48 Per Employee/month billed annually
Leave & Attendance Yes Limited
Customizable Salary Structure Yes No
Form 16 & 12BB Yes Yes
Income Tax Computation Yes No
Income Tax Computation Projections For Employees Add-on No
Geo Fencing Add-on Yes
Facial Recognition Add-on Yes
Setup Support Yes No
Asset Management Add-on No
Multi City Calendar Yes No
ID Card Visiting Card Generation For Employees Yes No
Letter Generation Add-on Yes
Live Tracking Add-on No
Real Time Sync Biometric Integration Yes No

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