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Freedom to Set Your Payroll Details

It enables you to configure all payroll specifics ahead of salary processing for your employees. Depending on your company’s Payroll regulations, you can add as many salary components as you wish.

Payout Made Simple

When utilizing Kredily’s Payroll System Software for payroll processing, you can seamlessly execute immediate salary transfers to your employees’ bank accounts, all within the same software, eliminating the need for switching.

Generate Pay Slips Independently

Payroll management enables you to independently generate payslips after processing payments for your employees.

Payroll Compliance Was Never This Easy

Kredily’s payroll software includes automatic and integrated compliance features. This software can be used to calculate various taxes, including PF, TDS, ESI, PT, and more

Efficient Payroll Software Solutions

From startups and SMEs to enterprises, our payroll solution is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of intuitive and feature-packed tools to meet your specific requirements.


Overtime Calculation

Ensure fair compensation for additional work hours with Kredily's automated system, accurately calculating overtime wages.


Roster/Rotational shift

Optimize workforce coordination and productivity by efficiently managing employee schedules and rotational shifts.


Payslip Bulk Download

Streamline your payroll management by effortlessly downloading and distributing payslips in bulk, saving you time and effort.


FNF Management

Facilitate Full and Final (FnF) settlements with Kredily, ensuring a seamless employee exit process and a smooth transition.


Exit Management

Simplify employee offboarding processes, including documentation, clearances, and exit formalities, to ensure a seamless departure.


Income Tax Computation

Automatically calculate income tax deductions accurately, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and minimizing manual errors.


Mid Month Variable Payout

Facilitate flexible compensation by offering employees variable payouts during the mid-month for enhanced financial convenience.


Customizable Salary Structures

Customize salary structures to align with your organization's unique requirements, encompassing a range of allowances, deductions, and benefits.


Form 12BB & Form 16

Simplify Form 12BB & Form 16 generation and submission, facilitating accurate reporting of employee investment and tax-saving declarations.

Join 20,000+ HR Leaders across India Using Kredily HRMS

The integration of payroll software has relieved HR departments from the burdens and inaccuracies that were once linked to manual payroll calculations and spreadsheets. This software automates all payroll processing procedures within a cloud-based framework, leading to a more effective and precise payroll system. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures conformity with financial regulations.


Quick Response

Experience prompt support and assistance from our dedicated team, ensuring you get the help you need without any delays.


Simplicity Redefined

Our easy-to-use features simplify HR management, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.


Guaranteed Same Day Implementation

No more delays! We guarantee a swift deployment process, allowing you to promptly start reaping the benefits.


15 Minutes Setup

Embark on a swift and trouble-free journey as you activate your account in just 15 minutes. Our streamlined process guarantees a seamless initiation, sparing you any unnecessary delays. Step into a realm of efficiency and convenience, where every moment is optimized for your ease. Join us, and let's make your experience as swift and enjoyable as possible.

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Enhance your human resources operations by establishing structured protocols, allowing our software to seamlessly manage the remaining tasks. This will liberate your team to concentrate on high-level strategic initiatives, making the most of your resources and driving forward-looking organizational progress.


Attendance Tracker

Empower your organization's expansion with the implementation of flawless attendance management. Elevate overall productivity, cultivate heightened employee engagement, and foster stronger interpersonal connections within your workforce. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter future, and together, we will construct it incrementally, building a stronger, more efficient organization, one meticulously maintained attendance record at a time.

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Nivedita Chandra Chief HR Strategist, Cuddles Foundation

As a expanding non-profit organization, we were in search of an HR solution that could efficiently handle our fundamental HR operations without a significant financial burden. This is where Kredily came to our rescue! Kredily provided us with a Core HR suite completely free of charge. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface is remarkably intuitive and doesn't necessitate any training for implementation. It's quite noteworthy that in India, an HRIS company is offering such valuable services to clients without any cost.

Bhavesh Patel HR Manager, Shankus Pharmaceuticals

We are highly content and delighted to have discovered Kredily as our HRMS partner. Throughout our collaboration, Kredily has cultivated a deep understanding of our unique vision and workflows, effectively aligning with our operations without causing any disruptions or complications on our end.

Sandeep G. Khode Co-Founder, Director, WordsMaya

I discovered Kredily at precisely the moment when I began exploring HR tools and services for our operations. As a founder of a startup, I found myself dedicating a significant amount of time to manage attendance, leave, and payroll records. Kredily brought a higher level of transparency to our company's HR processes. The setup process was straightforward and well-guided. Personally, I appreciated the comprehensive information provided within the application about HR procedures.

Gautam Pradhan Executive Director, Harsha Trust

We take immense satisfaction in our partnership with Kredily, which has proven immensely beneficial in streamlining our HRMS operations. For a small NGO such as ours, having access to a comprehensive solution on a single platform for managing employee records and authorization has been invaluable. This support has significantly contributed to our efforts in establishing our organization as an efficient institution.

N K Sherman CFO and Director, Streamingo Solutions

Streamingo, a startup operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, shares the common challenge with all bootstrapped startups in seeking a cost-effective HRMS solution. We were pleasantly amazed to discover that Kredily not only provides a user-friendly HRMS solution but also does so at zero cost. Kredily encompasses many of the features typically found in standard HRMS solutions and boasts remarkable simplicity and ease of use.

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Payroll software is a tool that streamlines employee payment processes. It automates wage calculations, tax deductions, and ensures timely payments. Current trends include tax law integration, self-service options for staff, seamless HR system connections, data-driven insights, mobile app capabilities, heightened data security, and adaptable configurations. In essence, it modernizes payroll management, enhancing accuracy, compliance, and overall efficiency for businesses.

There are several types of software that can be used for payroll processing, depending on the size and complexity of the business. Some common types of software used for payroll include:

  1. Standalone software: This is dedicated software designed specifically for payroll processing. It can handle tasks such as calculating employee salaries, taxes, and deductions, generating pay slips, and maintaining accurate records.

  2. HR management software: Some HR management software also includes payroll processing features. This type of software can handle tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, employee management, and payroll processing, all in one system.

  3. Accounting software: Many accounting software programs also include payroll processing features. This type of software can handle tasks such as invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll processing, all in one system.

  4. Cloud-based software: Cloud-based payroll is becoming increasingly popular. This type of software is hosted online, and businesses can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based software can offer greater flexibility and scalability than traditional software.

Overall, the type of software used for payroll will depend on the specific needs of the business, the size of the workforce, and the complexity of the payroll process.

The main features of payroll system in India may vary depending on the specific software solution. However, some common features of payroll system include:

  1. Employee management: This feature allows businesses to manage employee records, such as personal information, attendance, leave records, and performance data.

  2. Salary processing: Payroll system can calculate employee salaries, bonuses, and incentives based on predefined rules, such as attendance, leave taken, or performance.

  3. Tax calculations: Payroll can automatically calculate taxes, such as income tax, professional tax, and other deductions as per the prevailing laws and regulations.

  4. Statutory compliance: Payroll can help ensure compliance with various labour laws, such as the Payment of Wages Act, Minimum Wages Act, and Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Act. It can generate statutory reports, such as PF returns, ESI returns, and TDS returns, as required by law.

  5. Payslip generation: Payroll can generate employee pay slips, which provide details about employee salary, deductions, taxes, and other benefits.

  6. Bank transfer: Payroll system can facilitate the transfer of salaries to employees’ bank accounts, either through a direct bank transfer or through payment gateways.

  7. Reports and analytics: Payroll system can provide real-time reports and analytics on employee compensation and benefits, such as employee salaries, deductions, and tax liabilities. This can help businesses make informed decisions about their workforce and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, payroll can help businesses streamline their payroll process, reduce errors, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and save time and money.

There are several benefits of using payroll system in India for managing employee compensation and benefits. Some of the key benefits of using payroll system include:

  1. Accuracy and efficiency: Payroll Processing software can automate many of the manual tasks involved in payroll processing, such as calculating employee salaries, taxes, and other deductions, generating pay slips, and disbursing salaries. This can help reduce errors and ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time.

  2. Compliance with laws and regulations: Payroll management software can help ensure compliance with various laws and regulations related to payroll processing, such as tax laws, labour laws, and social security laws. This can help reduce the risk of penalties or legal issues.

  3. Data security: Payroll system can help ensure the security and confidentiality of employee data, including personal information, bank account details, and salary information. This can help prevent data breaches and protect sensitive information.

  4. Cost savings: Payroll can help reduce the costs associated with payroll processing, such as the costs of paper-based records, manual calculations, and hiring additional staff to manage payroll. This can help businesses save time and money.

  5. Reporting and analytics: Payroll can provide real-time reports and analytics on employee compensation and benefits, such as employee salaries, deductions, and tax liabilities. This can help businesses make informed decisions about their workforce and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, using payroll system can help businesses streamline their payroll process, reduce errors, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and save time and money.

Cloud-based payroll offers several benefits over traditional on-premise software, including:

  1. Accessibility: Cloud-based Payroll processing software can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing businesses to manage their payroll from multiple locations.

  2. Scalability: Cloud-based Payroll processing software can scale up or down as per the business’s needs, making it ideal for businesses with fluctuating staffing requirements.

  3. Cost savings: Cloud-based software eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure, and it can offer more affordable pricing plans and lower overall costs.

  4. Security: Cloud-based software providers invest heavily in security measures, such as encryption and data backups, to protect sensitive employee data from theft, loss, or corruption.

  5. Automatic updates: Cloud-based software providers often release automatic updates and patches to ensure that the software is always up-to-date with the latest features and security measures.

  6. Integration: Cloud-based software can easily integrate with other cloud-based applications, such as HR management software, accounting software, or time and attendance systems.

Overall, cloud-based payroll system can offer businesses greater flexibility, scalability, and cost savings, while also providing enhanced security and convenience.

Kredily payroll system is generally considered user-friendly and easy to use. The software has an intuitive interface, and the various features and functionalities are well-organized and easy to navigate. Kredily also offers customer support and training to help users get started with the software and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter.

Yes, payroll system is specifically designed to make salary payments to employees. With payroll system, you can easily calculate and disburse employee salaries and wages, including any bonuses, incentives, or allowances, and deducting the appropriate taxes and other deductions from each employee’s salary. You can also set up automatic payment schedules to ensure that employees receive their pay on time and avoid any delays or errors.

Most payroll system also includes features for generating pay slips, salary statements, and other relevant documents, as well as maintaining accurate records of employee salaries, taxes, and other relevant data. This data can be used to file various statutory reports, such as PF returns, ESI returns, TDS returns, and income tax returns, as required by law.

Using payroll can help streamline your payroll process, save time and effort, and reduce the risk of errors or compliance issues. However, it is important to choose a reliable and secure payroll that meets your business needs and complies with the relevant laws and regulations.

Many payroll solution come with an option for making payments to many employees at the end of the month. Kredily is India’s only Salary Payment Gateway that can process salary from any bank to your employees account in no time.   

 No, You do not need to make any calculations. You need to set the instructions in the payroll, and it will automatically calculate all the tax compliance.