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Leave Request and Approval

Our leave administration system enables employees to request leave online, and managers can then approve or reject these requests based on their availability and other relevant factors.

Supports different Leave types

Supports different Leave types

Kredily's leave system accommodates a range of leave types, such as casual, vacation, sick, personal, and maternity/paternity, while also keeping track of leave balances for improved planning.


Comply with Regulations

Companies are required to adhere to state and central leave calendars as well as legal regulations that mandate the provision of specific types of leave to employees.


Automated Notifications

Our attendance management system is capable of sending automated notifications to both employees and managers regarding the status of leave requests, including approvals, rejections, and updates.


Customizable Leave Rules

Customize your leave policies to align with your organization's requirements using Kredily's Customizable Leave Rules feature. Create and enforce tailored leave policies, encompassing accrual rules, approval workflows, and more, to ensure a flexible and efficient leave system.


Calendar View

Our leave management system provides managers with a calendar view of employee leave requests, preventing scheduling conflicts. Managers can easily approve or deny requests based on factors like availability and workload.

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Accurate leave record

With our leave management system, your company can keep precise and current records of employee leave history, providing valuable assistance in audits or potential legal disputes.

Leave Reports

The Leave reports can produce detailed reports on leave usage, remaining balances, and historical trends, empowering managers to make data-driven decisions regarding staffing and resource allocation.

Integration with Payroll

All leave details seamlessly integrate with the payroll system, simplifying the process for managers to ensure accurate compensation for employees during their time off.

Centralized Database

A centralized database stores all employee leave information, simplifying the tracking and management of employee time off.

Save time and money with our automated leave tracking system, streamlining the leave tracking process.

Why does my company need a leave management system?

Implementing a leave system like Kredily serves three essential purposes for your company: enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance with labor laws and internal policies, and boosting employee satisfaction. With Kredily, you can streamline the leave process, guarantee adherence to regulations, and provide employees with a user-friendly interface. Elevate your leave management, maintain compliance, and cultivate a more joyful work environment with Kredily’s leave system.


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