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Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and shift towards a strategic approach to employee management. Embrace this transformation with Kredily HR, opening doors to unlock your organization’s true potential. HR and payroll software is a comprehensive solution that streamlines human resources and payroll processes. It automates tasks like employee data management, attendance tracking, benefits administration, and tax calculations. This software ensures accurate payroll processing, reducing errors and saving time. It also assists in compliance with tax regulations and labor laws. HR and payroll software offers efficiency, accuracy, and data security, making it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.


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Experience prompt support and assistance from our dedicated team, ensuring you get the help you need without any delays.


Simplicity Redefined

Our easy-to-use features simplify HR management, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.


Guaranteed Same Day Implementation

No more delays! We guarantee a swift deployment process, allowing you to promptly start reaping the benefits.


15 Minutes Setup

Embark on a swift and trouble-free journey as you activate your account in just 15 minutes. Our streamlined process guarantees a seamless initiation, sparing you any unnecessary delays. Step into a realm of efficiency and convenience, where every moment is optimized for your ease. Join us, and let's make your experience as swift and enjoyable as possible.

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Set Rule, Automate, and Forget

Enhance your human resources operations by establishing structured protocols, allowing our software to seamlessly manage the remaining tasks. This will liberate your team to concentrate on high-level strategic initiatives, making the most of your resources and driving forward-looking organizational progress.


Attendance Tracker

Empower your organization's expansion with the implementation of flawless attendance management. Elevate overall productivity, cultivate heightened employee engagement, and foster stronger interpersonal connections within your workforce. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter future, and together, we will construct it incrementally, building a stronger, more efficient organization, one meticulously maintained attendance record at a time.

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All the Essential Features in a Robust HR & Payroll Software


Auto Clock In & Out

Auto Clock-In/Out is an automated time tracking solution that effortlessly records employees' arrival and departure times, eradicating the necessity for manual data entry.


FNF Management

Facilitate smooth Full and Final (FnF) settlements with the help of Kredily, guaranteeing effortless employee departures and a transition without complications.


Exit Management

Streamline the process of employee offboarding, covering documentation, clearances, and exit formalities, to guarantee a seamless departure experience.


Timesheet Management

Timesheet management involves the responsibility of tracking and recording employees' working hours, enabling productivity evaluation, resource allocation, and accurate payroll processing.


Multicompany Payroll support

Kredily introduces a multi-company payroll support feature that standardizes hr & payroll processing for numerous companies, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.


GEO Fencing

Geofencing stands as a location-based technology that establishes virtual boundaries, prompting actions when a device enters or exits designated geographical areas.


Asset Management

Asset management constitutes a well-organized approach to overseeing and enhancing an organization's assets. Its primary objective is to extract the utmost value, efficiency, and durability throughout the entire lifecycle of these assets. By meticulously orchestrating the care and maintenance of these resources, asset management contributes significantly to an organization's overall performance, ensuring that its investments remain productive and cost-effective over the long term. This process plays a pivotal role in strategic decision-making and ultimately drives sustainable growth and success..

Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding

Roster Management

Roster management is a multifaceted process that encompasses the strategic development, meticulous organization, and consistent maintenance of schedules for employees or team members. This intricate practice is fundamentally oriented toward the primary objectives of ensuring not only the appropriate allocation of tasks but also the optimal staffing levels within an organization. It plays an essential role in workforce management, resource allocation, and operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to the seamless functioning of businesses and teams.


Income Tax Computation

Employ automated systems to precisely calculate income tax deductions, guaranteeing full adherence to tax regulations, and substantially mitigating the risk of human errors. By harnessing technology for this crucial task, you can streamline the tax compliance process, enhance accuracy, and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual computations. This not only saves time but also bolsters financial precision, reducing the likelihood of tax-related issues while promoting an efficient and error-free tax deduction process.

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Our Partners

Nivedita Chandra Chief HR Strategist, Cuddles Foundation

As a expanding non-profit organization, we were in search of an HR solution that could efficiently handle our fundamental HR operations without a significant financial burden. This is where Kredily came to our rescue! Kredily provided us with a Core HR suite completely free of charge. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface is remarkably intuitive and doesn't necessitate any training for implementation. It's quite noteworthy that in India, an HRIS company is offering such valuable services to clients without any cost.

Bhavesh Patel HR Manager, Shankus Pharmaceuticals

We are highly content and delighted to have discovered Kredily as our HRMS partner. Throughout our collaboration, Kredily has cultivated a deep understanding of our unique vision and workflows, effectively aligning with our operations without causing any disruptions or complications on our end.

Sandeep G. Khode Co-Founder, Director, WordsMaya

I discovered Kredily at precisely the moment when I began exploring HR tools and services for our operations. As a founder of a startup, I found myself dedicating a significant amount of time to manage attendance, leave, and payroll records. Kredily brought a higher level of transparency to our company's HR processes. The setup process was straightforward and well-guided. Personally, I appreciated the comprehensive information provided within the application about HR procedures.

Gautam Pradhan Executive Director, Harsha Trust

We take immense satisfaction in our partnership with Kredily, which has proven immensely beneficial in streamlining our HRMS operations. For a small NGO such as ours, having access to a comprehensive solution on a single platform for managing employee records and authorization has been invaluable. This support has significantly contributed to our efforts in establishing our organization as an efficient institution.

N K Sherman CFO and Director, Streamingo Solutions

Streamingo, a startup operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, shares the common challenge with all bootstrapped startups in seeking a cost-effective HRMS solution. We were pleasantly amazed to discover that Kredily not only provides a user-friendly HRMS solution but also does so at zero cost. Kredily encompasses many of the features typically found in standard HRMS solutions and boasts remarkable simplicity and ease of use.

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