Kredily vs Pagarbook

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Core HR

Think of your HR needs like a complex musical composition. Kredily is the conductor, bringing perfect harmony to onboarding, attendance, and payroll. Imagine welcoming new team members with a flourish, managing attendance with rhythmic ease, and processing payroll like the concluding crescendo. With Kredily, HR isn’t a solo act; it’s a captivating symphony where every element plays its part. While Pagarbook offers a score, Kredily guides you through the performance, turning HR from a technical exercise into a gratifying experience.


Customization isn’t just about changing colors; it’s about crafting a suit that fits your organization perfectly. Kredily is the skilled tailor, meticulously weaving features into the fabric of your workflows. Need a unique leave policy for your remote team? Kredily stitches it in. Want performance reviews that match your growth-focused culture? Kredily designs them. Pagarbook might offer alterations, but Kredily creates a bespoke solution that reflects your unique organizational DNA, ensuring your HR processes fit like a glove.

User Interface

Imagine navigating HR like strolling through a modern art gallery. Kredily paints every click with vibrant colors, transforming data into digestible visuals. Forget the drab cubicles of other platforms; Kredily splashes your HR tasks with intuitive design, making every interaction a visually delightful encounter. It’s not just efficient; it’s aesthetically inspiring, turning HR from a mundane chore into a journey of discovery. Pagarbook might be functional, but Kredily elevates the experience, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and inspiration after every click.

Superior Customer Support

Kredily’s customer support isn’t just helpful; it’s a trusted advisor who anticipates your needs before you even ask. You get a dedicated account manager who are attentive listener and who truly understands your HR challenges, the insightful voice that offers creative solutions, and the steady hand that guides you through every complex maneuver. Forget impersonal help desks and robotic scripts; Kredily’s support team is a symphony of empathy and expertise, walking alongside you to ensure your HR performance reaches its full potential. While Pagarbook might offer assistance, Kredily offers partnership, a true investment in your long-term success.

Pricing Comparison

Features Kredily Pagarbook
Rs 1499 for upto 25 Employees Rs 15000 for up to 30 Employees (Rs 500 per additional employee)
Leave & Attendance Yes Limited
Customizable Salary Structure Yes No
Form 16 & 12BB Yes Yes
Income Tax Computation Yes No
Income Tax Computation Projections For Employees Add-on No
Geo Fencing Add-on Yes
Facial Recognition Add-on Yes
Setup Support Yes No
Asset Management Add-on No
Multi City Calendar Yes No
ID Card Visiting Card Generation For Employees Yes No
Letter Generation Add-on Yes
Live Tracking Add-on No
Real Time Sync Biometric Integration Yes No

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