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How an Employee HR Handbook/HR Manual saves the day in your company

How An Employee HR Handbook/HR Manual Saves The Day In Your Company

Employee HR handbook/HR manual as a prime communication tool Any company is akin to an organism or a machine with various moving parts which need to function in tandem for the smooth functioning of the…
Annual compliance checklist for startups and smes in India

Annual Compliance Checklist For Startups & SMEs in India

It’s that time of the year when the calls to your CA just don’t stop. With the financial year coming to an end and with the complex compliances in India it’s not uncommon for you…
The importance of human resource management in an organization

The Importance Of Human Resource Management In Any Organization

Rarely have HR teams and executives been given the appreciation they deserve, despite playing one of the most influential roles required for an organization’s success.   Imagine, walking into your office tomorrow and instead of…