10 Best Innovative HR practices

Best HR practices trends have transformed in recent years, but employees are evolving as well. They are looking for organizations that provide more work-life balance and a sense of fulfillment.

As a result, any HR department that is hesitant to change its work environment may suffer in the form of a poor employee retention rate. The best cloud HR software can assist you in shaping the kind of workplace you want to build. And it will be one that strikes a balance between productivity and employee satisfaction. HR professionals are aware of this new dynamic environment. Check out the list below for additional information on the organization’s innovative HR strategies for employee satisfaction.

1. Mental health coaching

Talking about mental health is still a taboo in our country. Bullying, discrimination, and work stress can all contribute to a person’s low self-esteem. Its severe consequences might occasionally appear in the form of a distressed employee committing suicide. The Mental Health Care Act was approved in India in 2017 and came into effect in May 2018. It gives everyone the right of protection from all types of abuse, whether verbal, physical, or emotional. According to the HR department, every employee must have the right to work decently and gets protection from cruel and humiliating treatment.

2. Virtual team activities

Cloud-based HR departments are increasingly involving in a variety of virtual activities. Employees have the chance to have a deeper understanding of their coworkers. Companies are using Cloud-based payroll software for conducting meetings, taking interviews, and also resolving internal conflicts.

3. Customizing  job structure

What would be more beneficial to your company? Is it better to allocate a job to a person or a worker to a job? The most recent HR trend offers the option to modify job roles according to an employee’s skill and ability. It even allows exceptionally able people to work according to their abilities.

4. Progressive work culture

A progressive organization values work Innovation, flexibility, equal opportunity, and the adaptation of new ideas. It will undoubtedly thrive to attain greater success and progress. This cutting-edge HR trend believes in its employees and celebrates their achievements.

5. Peer to peer recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most innovative HR practices. It is the act of acknowledging another employee’s potential and skills. A word of encouragement from a coworker can be highly inspiring. This approach improves staff morale and self-esteem by increasing team spirit.

6. Upskilling and training programs

Upskilling is the process of upgrading an employee’s skills through training sessions. The HR department may find it more cost-effective to train current employees to bring more value to the company instead of hiring a new employee. This training allows them to stay updated and gives them greater flexibility in their employment.

7. Ethical leadership

Gone are the days when bosses were known for their toxic behaviour for misusing their authority. Now the trend has changed and so does the boss. Bosses have become leaders under the new HRM who now encourage employees for open communication. They are value-driven and handle complaints fairly and respectfully. This ethical leadership will continue to flourish and will guarantee a higher success rate for the organization.

8. Embracing Innovation and adopting new Automation norms

Managing a company on a traditional basis is no longer competitive. The trend of the corporate world is changing, along with HR. It currently focuses on innovative ideas combined with technology. One excellent example of automation is the use of the best cloud-based payroll and HR software.

9. The facility of Remote working

The ability to work from a remote location has made the profession more appealing. Ultimately, work performance matters the most. And if commute distance becomes a barrier, the employee will never be able to offer their best effort. Employees who work from home have fewer interruptions and are less concerned about travel. They can now be more content and productive.

10. Employment contracts and obligations

Many small businesses in our country do not treat the employment contract in writing seriously. One of the leading causes for this is India’s current labor regulations, which are not effectively enforced. Despite the challenges, the utilization of cloud-based payroll systems has become the norm for creating a constructive relationship with staff.

Modern HR enforces all employee contracts in writing, outlining all rules, policies, and procedures regarding compensation, leaves, and attendance. In case there is a conflict between the employee and the organization, the employment contract’s terms would take precedence.

Parting Thoughts

HR innovation is all about foreseeing future demands and figuring out the best methods to deal with the current scenario. It is multifaceted, ever-changing, dynamic, and constantly open to new ideas. If your HR department is still working on outdated ideas, now is the time to try something new. Use Kredily’s HR software to empower your HR staff, so they can also contribute innovative approaches to your company.