Managing Attendance Online
was never this easy

Handle Employee Attendance with Ease

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Automate your Salary Software for free


No need for paperwork as every process of managing attendance is done online

Cloud Data

Get rid of the fear of losing attendance records as the data gets saved into the web-based cloud.

Multiple Reports

Can generate multiple attendance reports at one time as this system is automated.

No Additional Costs

There are no additional costs because it does not require additional hardware installation.

Error Free

No errors, as attendance reports get generated in the online attendance management system.

User Friendly

It is user-friendly and handy as you can access it with a mobile phone and a tablet.

What is the need for an online attendance management system?

An online attendance management system is critical for any business; it can determine whether or not a company will be successful in the future based on its performance. To enhance their effectiveness, organizations will need to keep track of people. In the lack of a good attendance software program, managing staff attendance will become challenging.

Impressions Made So Far

Our Payroll software has helped 8500+ companies              achieve easy Salary Transfer, save countless Work Hours.

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Zero Errors

Online attendance management system keeps and preserves all attendance-related data without the possibility of human mistakes.

Easy to Verify

Allows you to check both the previous and current year databases by keeping track of employees’ working hours.

Easily Accessible

Easily accessible by both employees and employers due to web-based automated systems.

Boosts Productivity

An online attendance management system helps boost productivity and ensure efficient business operations.

Frequently Asked

The HR department benefits from an attendance management system since it empowers them to manage all attendance-related concerns with only a few clicks. It allows HR to keep track of employee work hours, early departures, late arrivals, break time, overtime, and absenteeism.

Many companies use attendance management system software to keep track of the working hours of the employees. The HR department can easily calculate the number of hours employees spend on work or take time off by clicking their device.

  • Keep track of attendance in the database with web clock-in and clock-out features.
  • Integrated with the payroll system.
  • Connected with the leave management system.
  • Attendance and leave calendar integration.
  • Notifications for attendance anomalies.
  • Companies can use an attendance management system with any web-based device, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Regardless of the number of employees onboarded, every organization still manually maintaining employee attendance needs an online attendance management solution. It has automatic web-based features that make it easy for the user to access.