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For Unlimited  Employees

    Free Forever Payroll & HR Software
    For Unlimited Employees

    Trusted by 17,000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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    Selfie Attendance

    Employees can use Selfies to mark Attendance with Location

    Employee Mobile App

    Mobile App for all Employees

    1 Click Salary Payout

    Transfer Salaries to Employees with 1 Click

    Compliant Payroll

    In built PF, ESI, PT & TDS Compliance Checks

    Salary Slip Printing

    Customise, Print & Distribute Salary Slips

    Payroll Management

    Simplest Payroll Management System With 1 Click Approval & Payouts

      Free Forever Payroll & HR Software
      For Unlimited Employees

      Trusted by 17,000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

      Existing User? 

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      Kredily is India’s leading HRMS & Payroll Software Platform. It enables 17000+ organizations to manage their Leave & Attendance Management, Payroll Execution & Payout Processing and other HR processes efficiently. Having won the trust of companies across India, Kredily is the fastest growing HR & Payroll Platform in India today. 


      We are offering a basic version of our Kredily HRMS & Payroll for FREE. The Starter Plan account is packed with features that help you simplify your payroll and HR processes. Your Kredily Free Forever Plan is free for life, which means you can use it for many, many years. It's exactly like using a free Gmail account for email.

      Our mission is to help SMEs unleash their ambition through better systems and a better employee experience. Many businesses today are working in a sub-optimal way and relying on Excel spreadsheets. We can do better with Kredily.

      Over the past 4 years, Kredily has grown to earn the trust of 7,500+ Companies that use the platform daily to manage employee leaves, attendance, payroll processing, salary & vendor payouts, reimbursements and more. Over & above the platform, Kredily also provides a financial service marketplace to employees, keeping in sync with Kredily’s vision to enable SMEs to experience higher productivity & also provide benefits beyond  salary to their employees. 

      The Kredily Free Forever Plan fundamentally exists to empower SMEs to experience HR Management & Payroll Automation. This in turn eliminates the use of excel files & helps companies replace manual & error prone processes with 1 click workflows.

      Kredily offers features covering the most important areas of the HR and payroll domain. You will have basic access to the following features with the Kredily Free Forever Plan:

      • Employee Database 
      • Employee Onboarding 
      • Payroll Management 
      • Salary Payout 
      • Reminders & Alerts
      • ESS Portal
      • Audit Logs
      • Employee Reimbursement
      • Leave Management 
      • Attendance Management 
      • Employee Rewards 
      • Employee Self Service (Web and mobile application) 

       Please refer to our comparison page for complete details, including limits and exclusions for the Starter plan.

      The security of your data is our foremost priority. We utilize a range of security and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is secure. To know more about the security measures taken by us, read our Privacy policy.

      Please note, we have the same security measures & infrastructure quality for both free & paid plan Customers.

      Forever! You don't have to stop using our product as there is no time restriction for companies on the Free Forever Plan.

      Kredily is a simple and easy system to use and requires minimal support. On top of that, we have several support options in place:

      • Live Training sessions
      • Extensive help and guides are available from within the app.
      • A comprehensive knowledge base 
      • Engaging community forums
      • Paid onboarding support
      • Paid support

      Of course, with our paid plans, you get premium support.

      Here are some high-level benefits of upgrading to our paid plans:

      • You get even more productivity gains and automation. Unlock advanced features in the paid plans
      • Many add-ons and modules like asset management, expense claims, etc. are available only in paid plans.
      • Dedicated Account Manager & Priority support

      Absolutely. We would be delighted if you upgraded to a paid plan and help support our mission!

      Yes, there is a 160MB database size limit. However, it’s more than sufficient for everyday use by a small business based on our experience.

      You can use either of the Web Clock In and Mobile Clock In (selfie attendance) features. These are convenient tools to capture employee attendance in the Free Forever.

      Features such as Geo-Fencing, Geo-Tagging, and Integration with biometric/ access card/ face recognition devices are available only in our paid plans.

        Free Forever Payroll & HR Software
        For Unlimited Employees

        Trusted by 17,000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

        Existing User?