How A Cloud-based Free Payroll Software Delivers Value For Your Business

How A Cloud-based Free Payroll Software Delivers Value For Your Business

How can free payroll software be good enough?

We get it. The skepticism. The stigma attached to a “free” product or service. While that cynicism has merit, in our humble opinion, it is misguided and a touch half-baked. Hey, no offense! But please give us a chance to explain ourselves to you.

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What a client or customer should be wary about a product or service is a bad product and bad associated service. We agree that a premium service ought to be valued highly as well and may not come for a cheap price or as it is, free. But, it can be for some specific contextual reason that the company could deliver great value in a particular area of business for free to you. Like an innovative business model. That is precisely the reason Kredily Payroll Management is a free offering to our esteemed customers.


The innovative business model of the free Kredily Payroll Management system

We are India’s only reliable and robust Payroll Management and HRMS system which is free to use. Our 2000+ customers can vouch for the quality we deliver through our product and the associated services. We have a state-of-the-art technology franchise with a team that delivers handsomely on the technology and product. Our customer success team has the best turnaround times and the most attention to detail as far as servicing your payroll and HRMS queries are concerned. We are constantly upgrading our offerings to match the changes occurring in the regulatory, compliance, and computational landscape relating to payroll and HRMS. It is hence a curious question as to how we can deliver free payroll software at such a quality multiple. The answer is in our vision for the industry. We do not look at the employee and employer landscape as a transactional field for us. We have a model that promises to engage with the participants for the longer term and bring a value multiple over that period. We earn our revenues exactly through those long-term vision investments. An engaged and trusting community like Kredily uses its products and services beyond just the transactional element. Hence a by-product of that trust is our ability to engage them in endeavors beyond HRMS and payroll management. We manage various other heads for our customers’ employees like their credit, insurance, and investing. These are areas very crucial for the workforce and our brand serves as a very important factor in mitigating any doubts and risks involved. We are a company founded by one of the world’s foremost investing groups which has operations throughout the developed and the emerging world.

Features in the free Payroll Management and HRMS system Kredily

Kredily offers the most comprehensive, secure, and robust suite for HRMS and Payroll functions for our customers. Free Payroll software is a boon for companies who want to transition from traditional payroll and accounting methods like hard book-keeping. Like SMEs and startups. They are sometimes skeptical about investing in systems that may not deliver value for their businesses. In that case, a free payroll system that works best in class can be just the assurance they need. What is more, Kredily’s clients get the full range of features and more as they are present in the market. Some of the features are:

1 Kredily Payroll Management system

Our free-to-use Payroll management system is an industry-standard and secure system that keeps you from wasting time on tedious payroll tasks and lets you focus on things that matter in innovation for your business. It has an organized system to cover all the business heads and employee levels in your company. It is very easy to manage for the business managers and HR members on a day-to-day basis if needed. It offers one-click payroll processing for the month. It has all the compliance and regulatory systems features and options needed in payroll software. And all of this free. It is easy to manage all the deductions like EPF, TDS, HRA, ESI, PT using the free Kredily Payroll Management system. It covers all the different employee hierarchies and salary and compensation structures that help you deliver payroll smoothly. Please visit the link to understand better, the offerings with our free payroll software.

Please check our Youtube video for an easy understanding of using the free payroll software.

2- Kredily Attendance Management system

Attendance Management is the most crucial and tricky task that HR and managers face in a fast-changing world where employees demand flexibility in work environments and structures. It is a world where freelancers thrive. While we are talking about full-time employees here, the ideas apply. For various reasons, employees have got the bargain of working from home or offshore location or remotely generally as the years’ pass. And that trend is set to rise in time. But it poses its own set of challenges as it is a question to measure employee productivity if they ought to work from remote locations. In such a scenario precisely modern technology enabled free Attendance Systems like Kredily can be of immense value. With methods like IP driven attendance tracking and shift management, you can measure work-times. Other methods like GPS Attendance tracking and biometric methods go a long way in modernizing your processes to that goal. Please check the free attendance management system from Kredily for further information by clicking on the links above.


3- Leave Management System

Businesses run on productivity on every head. Employee efficiency and productivity come to be the prime factor over time. Managing the leaves of employees is the primary task in that area. But a system that takes a lot of manual effort for such a system is actually not a productive and efficient system for your organization. You need a system that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems like payroll and salary disbursement for counting and applying for leave. The free Leave Management system from Kredily is one such option you have.


4- Free HRMS from kredily

We understand that the HR function in your business is much more than just Payroll and Attendance. Actually, our free payroll system is designed for exactly that same purpose which is to help your HR department engage with employees and the business in various other creative ways in the time that is spared by doing efficient payroll by using the free payroll system by kredily.

Our HRMS system offers all the modern systems and features needed by an HR team to creatively manage and innovate in their function in your business. It is a free cloud-based HRMS system that is the most secure system you shall encounter among the available choices. Please engage with our sales or customer support staff to understand the security aspects for your comfort. The Employee Self-Service portal helps individual employees manage their profile and documentation like investment proofs, and HRA documents, and manage insurance and other investments in financial markets. It helps get all your employment hierarchy and data onboard and manage it seamlessly. The managers can manage their teams effortlessly for all the issues that arise from their dashboards. Please visit our YouTube channel for an easy understanding of our product portfolio.


I hope it should assuage any concerns you may have had regarding a free payroll and HRMS offering that promises to deliver on quality and comprehensiveness like any other industry standard. In the modern way of doing business, most successful companies that have won over their customers have innovative ways to generate revenues that tie up with longer-term symbiotic relationships rather than transaction-driven motivations. And this is exactly the vision and philosophy at Kredily that has helped us win over our customers time and time again. Please give us a try and enjoy the service of our team who have come up with a best-in-class product range for you.