It’s 2022, and we have entered the third year of the pandemic. This epidemic has changed our method of working. Who would have thought about attending their company meetings from their bedroom and making a presentation in their pajamas? But we have to accept that this is the new normal and somewhere this will stay. […]

For so long, companies have been focusing on developing strategies to boost production, bring down costs, and do several other things to take their business to new heights for a long time. They even make plans for recruiting and retaining employees, but they seldom make development plans for the growth of employees.   Undoubtedly, employees are […]

The economy has slowed due to recession, COVID, rising interest rates, and other factors. As a result, almost every industry has been impacted. Employee layoffs, salary reductions, and a lack of fresh job opportunities generate headlines at various businesses. A large number of employees and executives have also been assigned to work for less pay. […]

This pandemic has driven many of us to work from home for two years. No wonder this has made many employees’ lives easier; most of these employees have accepted facing distractions from working remotely. True, a home cannot provide the same environment as an office. These two personal and professional worlds of home and office […]

While it is true that an organization cannot function without employees, it is equally true that an organization will not exist if those employees do not work diligently. Every employee has a role and a set of responsibilities, and a set of working hours. This schedule, together with their work performance, allows them to earn […]

In today’s world, rather than an individual, HR is generally represented by a portal. Almost every company today offers wider connectivity and easy accessibility to HR services . They do this via software technology and web-based apps, which transform the process of human resource management substantially. These transformations in the new software-based HR system have […]

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