The Importance of an Employee Development Program


For so long, companies have been focusing on developing strategies to boost production, bring down costs, and do several other things to take their business to new heights for a long time.

They even make plans for recruiting and retaining employees, but they seldom make development plans for the growth of employees.  

Undoubtedly, employees are the backbone of companies without which even the latest tool cannot work.

Despite being the most valuable resource, employees fail to get the proper recognition, encouragement, and value from most of the firms for which they work.  

What is an employee development program?  

Any employee who joins the company has a specific qualification and skill that helps give the companies’ output.

However, the absence of timely training makes them unaware of the latest skills that can help them in enhancing their productivity.

Their professional growth either slows down or stops in most scenarios.

As a result, companies nowadays provide job-related training and education to develop their skills and knowledge under an employee development plan.  

It is a fact that employees work for their companies.

However, they get salaries, bonuses, and several other perks from time to time, so why do companies need to make employee development plans?  

A girl is confused

Yes, after providing all of these benefits, there is a strong need for a development plan for employees.

It is essential for your employees to feel respected, driven and establish a sense of loyalty towards the company.

Money is a motivating factor, but employees seek learning and growth opportunities after one time.

They might find it tough to tackle future business challenges in the long term with just basic skills. And a proper training given under employees development plan can assist them in progress. 

Why are companies not actively planning for employee development?  

There is a mindset that is to blame for this. Companies often think that employees are already getting paychecks for their work, and if they take a step further for employee development, it will be a waste of their time and money.

It will never be a win-win scenario.

Advantages of the development plan for employees:  

• Helps in dealing with challenging situations. 

• Skills-based and growth-oriented program. 

• Expansion of roles and responsibilities. 

• It has a direct relationship with the organizational objectives.   

• The emphasis is on personal and professional development. 

• Both the employee and the company benefit from it. 

Roles and responsibilities of an organization in terms of the employee development plan?  


To understand the employee’s job responsibilities and then plan to improve the employees’ skills and knowledge. 

Encourage employees to take part in the development programs. 

Must conduct the training-based program. 

To give real-world experience during training sessions to understand deeply. 

We frequently get our company’s machines serviced, and we regularly have our software updated, but we do not treat our human resources in the same manner.

If not corrected, even technology becomes obsolete with time, so upgrading one’s talent is necessary for staying in this competitive era. 

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