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    Are you one of the organizations that still manage your employees’ vacations with spreadsheets? Are you still having trouble keeping track of your employees’ vacation time? You should consider giving your business a digital makeover with leave management software if the answer is yes.

    Benefits of Leave Management Software

    This software allows you to submit your leave requests to HR, who also has access and examines the monthly employee leave data.

    Apply for Leave

    In the corporate world, many situational needs arise, owing to which companies need their entire workforce to accomplish the task. In that case, if you are not aware of the number of employees gone for leave, you may face difficulties. This software can provide you with all of the information you need about the staff’s availability, as this software does not allow any discrepancies in this regard. It is transparent and helps you in making an informed decision concerning employee leave management.

    Minimizing the absenteeism cost

    A leave tracking software may help you communicate your company’s leave policies to employees while automating most of the process to prevent mistakes.

    Communicate leave policy

    You can easily track whether or not your employees are utilizing their leave balance with the aid of the best leave management software. You’ll also have a better grasp of which employees are taking excessively long vacations. It will be simple to quantify the costs incurred by your organization as a result of employee absence. You will be able to act appropriately in this case, later on, to avoid the financial loss to your company.

    Tracking leave balance

    Using leave management software, your HR department can define the types of leaves that workers can take and build and publish a list of upcoming holidays.

    Publish a list of holidays

      Payroll & HR Software

      Trusted by 17000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

      Existing User? 

      If you want your firm to develop without being hampered by employee conflicts, your HR department must relocate outside of the office. Relocating your HR function outside the office involves the use of HR software services. Whether your employees are sitting at a café or working from a distant location, your HR system must be accessible to them at all times. With the leave management software, your employees can easily access HR for leave-related queries with a single click on their computer or mobile phone, regardless of where they are. 

      Yes, just like every other aspect of work, managing employees’ leave is critical. When it comes to manually managing leaves, many firms have run into a variety of issues. Leave planner software can assist you in resolving such challenges by ensuring that your HR is available when you need it most. Employee leave management software will give your HR department wings, which are now straining to fly owing to needless employee requests, questions, and leave-related frustration. 


      The software makes it easier for the HR department to handle all leave-related concerns, such as applying for, approving, or denying leave and any leave inconsistencies. HR does not have to suffer headaches with this software as it eliminates the leave conflicts and ensures seamless operation.

      Kredily provides you with the best software for managing leave since it contains all of the features you need, such as managing leaves on the go, balance carryover details, holiday lists, and so on.

      Some of the benefits of leave software are:

      • Reduce paperwork
      • Make leave management process simple
      • Online access from anywhere
      • Comes with legal compliance
      • Holiday calendar
      • Access to leave database
      • Saves time

      Kredily can serve as the best attendance and leave management software for your company. By planning and managing all leave arrangements, it will assist your staff in being more productive. With Kredily's employee leave planner, you can make smarter decisions.