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Top Features of Kredily’s Leave Management Application

No Hidden Fees

Both employees and employers can join the leave management application without any charges. The Kredily app is freely accessible to users.

Free Sign Up

No hidden fees are required for installing and using the leave management application in any mode. Feel free to use the app without any cost constraints.

Access from Any Location at Any Time

Our leave management app facilitates leave scheduling and applications for employees while providing access to leave balances. Employers can conveniently approve or reject requests. This app ensures flexibility and accessibility for employees to manage leave information remotely, regardless of time or location, as long as there is an internet connection.

No time-bound commitments

The leave management system aims to simplify leave scheduling for both employees and employers. If you no longer need the application’s services, you can uninstall or discontinue its use at any time. This application doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

HR departments should not be left behind in the digitalization trend and should simplify leave management processes
to avoid time-consuming paperwork. Utilizing a leave management application enables employees to conveniently request leave, check their leave balances, and receive prompt responses to leave-related queries, ultimately leading to greater empowerment and satisfaction. Kredily provides a flexible leave management solution with tailored policies and a user-friendly app to enhance the overall leave experience. 


Employees can seek leave using the application or leave management software with Kredily’s leave management procedure. They don’t have to go to the department or fill out an application to get leave permission. They will also be able to amend the reason for their vacation, making it more transparent to their superiors. The HR department can also examine an employee’s leave balance and approve or reject it.

The major types of leaves taken by employees in India are:

  • Annual Leave (AL)
  • Casual Leave (CL)
  • Sick Leave (SL)
  • Maternity Leave (ML)
  • Privilege Leave (PL) 
  • Earned Leave (EL)

You may apply for leave from anywhere at any time using the mobile app. It ensures employee engagement and makes managing leave requests easier for HR on the go.

Any application that allows you to manage leave requests quickly and efficiently without wasting time on procedures will be the best application for your company. Kredily gives you the best app for keeping track of your leaves.