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Transforming Attendance Tracking from Chaotic to Systematic with Our Feature Set


Makes your Payroll Management seamless.

Attendance tracking plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate payroll management. Employee attendance has a direct impact on their earnings, and Kredily's attendance tracker is designed to calculate salaries based on their work hours accurately.


Needed for Compliance

It's important to note that many companies are legally required to maintain records of employee attendance for compliance reasons. This makes an attendance tracker essential for accurately monitoring hours worked, calculating overtime pay, maintaining records, and meeting tax obligations.

Performance Monitoring is essential

Performance Monitoring is essential.

Attendance tracking also serves as a tool for managers to assess employee performance. Our attendance tracker simplifies the process of identifying attendance-related issues that could potentially impact an employee's work output and overall productivity.

Performance Monitoring is essential.

It's Essential for Planning and Scheduling.

Efficient attendance tracking aids managers in better workforce planning and scheduling. With precise attendance records, managers can create schedules that ensure sufficient coverage while preventing overstaffing.

Streamlines the Tracking process

Streamlines the Tracking process

Kredily's attendance tracker automates employee attendance tracking, relieving HR personnel of manual work and saving valuable time.

Improved Employee Management

Improved Employee Management

Attendance tracking assists HR in managing employees by detecting attendance patterns and addressing attendance-related issues proactively.

How does an attendance tracker help a company
with Payroll processing?

The online attendance tracker guarantees precise payroll processing, ensuring employees are compensated for their hours without the need for HR to rectify errors or handle payroll-related problems.

As the demand for flexible working hours increases, maintaining accurate records of each employee can become challenging.

But our digital attendance tracker can automate the process, and selecting the right system for your business is crucial.



An attendance tracker is a tool or system used to monitor and record the presence and absence of employees in an organization. It helps to keep track of the time an employee enters and leaves a workplace.

An attendance tracker can be in various forms such as an electronic system, software, or a manual sign-in sheet. It may also have additional features such as leave management, shift scheduling, and reporting functionalities.

Attendance trackers are beneficial for employers or institutions to maintain accurate records of their workforce. It can help identify absenteeism trends, track employee productivity, and ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies.

Overall, attendance trackers are useful tools that enable organizations to manage their workforce efficiently and effectively.

Kredily is a free cloud-based HR, Payroll, and management software that offers a range of features, including attendance tracking. 

We manage daily attendance with the help of kredily’s effective attendance management system. 

There are several ways to monitor attendance at work, depending on the tools and systems you have in place. Here are some common methods:

  1. Time Clock: Install a time clock system that requires employees to clock in and out when they arrive and leave work.

  2. Attendance Tracking Software: Use attendance tracking software that allows employees to clock in and out through a web portal or mobile app.

  3. ID Cards: Use ID cards that employees scan when they arrive and leave work.

  4. Manual Sign-In Sheet: Provide a manual sign-in sheet where employees must write their name and time of arrival and departure.

  5. Managerial oversight: Schedule regular meetings with employees and use direct observation to monitor attendance.

  6. Email notification: Send automated email reminders to employees regarding their arrival and departure times.

Whichever method you choose, ensure that it is clear to all employees and that you have a system in place to track and manage attendance data.