Attendance Tracker

With Kredily track your employees attendance activity such as in-time, out-time, break-time, location at clock-in and more

Attendance Tracker

Tired of the inefficient means of tracking attendance? Still missing out on who is present and who is on leave?

Simplify attendance tracking with Kredily. Integrate Kredily with your biometric attendance tracking system or use Kredily’s clock-in/clock-out. Track employee hours at-work and sign-in location using our location-based attendance tracking.

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Features of Attendance Tracker

Web Clock

Track your employee in-time and out-time with Kredily's Web Clock function

Biometic integration

Biometric Integration

Kredily provides biometric integration to link your attendance

Location based attendance

Location Based Attendance

Using our location-based attendance, track employees' login location


Geofencing & IP Restrictions

Restrict attendance to a specific location or IP address

What more, you ask?

Supporting You In Your Journey

Get constant support from our rockstar team during the initial stages of setting up and using Kredily.

Data Security Guaranteed

All your company and employee data are securely stored on our servers and never shared with any third-party entities without your consent.

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Trusted by 1000+ Companies