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Transform your online attendance management system process: Equip your administrators with our feature-rich solutions.

View the attendance logs of all employees in a centralized location.

When administrators assign employees to shifts, they can access comprehensive attendance information for those individuals. After an employee is onboarded, administrators can conveniently review details concerning login and logout times as well as break durations from a single location. No need to switch between pages because all the employee data is available in one place, irrespective of the department.

Check for attendance anomalies and take action.

We acknowledge that your attendance policies necessitate employees to maintain a specific number of hours at work daily, weekly, or monthly. You can ensure employees adhere to these policies by monitoring attendance discrepancies.

Create and assign multiple attendance rules.

Our attendance management software allows you to define and generate multiple shifts with ease. The assignment process is no longer intricate, as you can effortlessly allocate distinct shift rules to individual employees.

Biometric device integration.

That’s correct. You have the capability to integrate your biometric device with Kredily’s online attendance management system. Our software is accessible to employees and managers from various devices connected to the internet, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

While going to the workplace and logging into your system may be relatively straightforward, maintaining this process for numerous employees within a company is considerably more complex. Managing an organization’s attendance particulars can be challenging without an online attendance management system, as any alterations or inaccuracies can lead to discrepancies in the payroll processing.


The HR department benefits from an attendance management system since it empowers them to manage all attendance-related concerns with only a few clicks. It allows HR to keep track of employee work hours, early departures, late arrivals, break time, overtime, and absenteeism.

Many companies use online attendance management system to keep track of the working hours of the employees. The HR department can easily calculate the number of hours employees spend on work or take time off by clicking their device.

  • Regardless of the number of employees onboarded, every organization still manually maintaining employee attendance needs an online attendance management solution. It has automatic web-based features that make it easy for the user to access.

  • Keep track of attendance in the database with web clock-in and clock-out features.
  • Integrated with the payroll system.
  • Connected with the leave management system.
  • Attendance and leave calendar integration.
  • Notifications for attendance anomalies.
  • Companies can use an attendance management system with any web-based device, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.