Salary Structure

Salary structures that best suits your employee and business requirements

Salary Structure

There is never a one-size fits all when it comes to employee salaries. Given the array of roles your employees carry out, it would be unfair to hold each one to a standard structure.

With Kredily, you can custom make your salary structures to support your organisation’s requirement. Add custom components like travel allowance, medical allowance, phone allowance, bonuses and even custom components to your salary structures.

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Features of Salary Structure

Salary Components

Choose from our list of predefined recurring, variable and even ad hoc components or create your own custom components

Customisable Rules

Completely Customizable

Define custom salary structures using base, recurring, variable and ad hoc components

Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use User Interface

Kredily is designed to make your life simple and our user friendly UI is a testament to that

What more, you ask?

Supporting You In Your Journey

Get constant support from our rockstar team during the initial stages of setting up and using Kredily.

Data Security Guaranteed

All your company and employee data are securely stored on our servers and never shared with any third-party entities without your consent.

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Trusted by 1000+ Companies