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Payroll processing is one of the most critical financial activities of any organisation as it deals with monthly wages, bonuses, appraisals, and reimbursements of employees. A wrongly run payroll can result in overpaying or underpaying resulting in unhappy employees.

Automating payroll processes using a Payroll Software such as Kredily, significantly reduces the risk of human errors, and drastically reduces the time – from few days to few hours – required to run payroll.


Payroll processing management

Kredily offers the most intuitive and comprehensive payroll management system to help you with your payroll processing needs as a company HR department.


Most efficient payroll processing system

Kredily offers the most comprehensive and robust suite of features that eliminates overheads from the payroll processing head in your company.


Best in Business Customer Success and Support team for payroll processing

Get constant support from our rockstar team during the initial stages of setting up and using Kredily payroll management software.


State of the art data security

All your company and employee data are securely encrypted and stored on our servers and never shared with any third-party entities.


Payroll & HR Software for FREE

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Payroll Management Software Features


The most intuitive and robust software for payroll management with comprehensive features to answer your requirements


Various Salary Structures in the market incorporated

Different salary structures like tradional salary structure, broadbanding, stepping-up, playing the market etc are available to customize-from as per your needs


Different kinds of Salary Components customizable

Various components in the salary of an employee like fixed salary, variable salary, reimbursements like conveyance, telephone, contributions like PF, ESI and IT deductions options available in our payroll application. Choose from our list of predefined recurring, variable and adhoc components or create your own.



Payslips, Post-Payroll and Payroll Compliance features

The payroll management software provides all the comprehensive features such as payslip management, salary disbursement and Payroll compliance reporting.



Salary disbursement integration

Different salary disbursement options like bank account integrations, cheque clearance features are present in our fast and intuitive salary processing system.


Post Payroll solutions for payroll processing

In a large organisation with a veritable sea of employees, the task of maintaining post payroll tasks such as payroll audit and compliance is as crucial and time consuming as anything else in payroll management. Our payroll software helps you through the entire cycle of payroll processing.

Payroll Audit and Compliance

We at Kredily understand the importance of complying with statutory rule and have simplified most compliance functions to make your life that much simpler.

Generate Statutory payroll reports

Generate ESI returns, PF returns, ECR, Form 16, Fform 24Q, TDS and IT returns.

Approve/Reject Investment Declarations

No more manual going through all the documents submitted. Easily view and act on declarations made by your employees.

Integrating various subheads in payroll management systems

Our robust and fast system seamlessly integrates all the different functions in salary processing intuitively like Accounting, Finance and compliance.

JV accounting between Finance, Accounts and Payroll

Payroll process simplified like never before!

Payroll Legal compliance and laws

PF, ESI, PT is automatically calculated by our system in compliance with PF statutory laws state-wise, if applicable.

Investment proof for payroll processing

TDS is automatically calculated by our system in accordance with all approved investment declarations.

Electronic payroll recordkeeping and ESS

In the era of cloud based services, we offer the most user-friendly technology to keep you free for your business.


Employee Self Service portals reduce overheads on your workforce to engage them in more productive work. Our state-of-the-art ESS system helps your employees get answers to their queries themselves.

Electronic bookkeeping for payroll management

It is a cumbersome task to maintain physical copies of all the files related to payroll processing in your company. Our payroll software helps you make an electronic copy which is safe and efficient for your payroll processing management.

Employee Finance

Help your employees make smarter financial decisions. With Kredily Payroll Software all employees can view all available tax saving investment options and declare their investments using ESS.

Direct Salary Payouts

Simple & Powerful

Kredily is designed to be a simple yet powerful tool to help your organisation grow

Free no compromise

Free, yet no compromises

With Kredily, get a powerful and complete Payroll & HR software for absolutely free

Custom Salary Structures

Completely Customizable

With Kredily Payroll, set default salary structures or customize one for every employee

Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

Kredily is designed to make your life simple and its user friendly UI is a testament to that

What more, you ask?

Supporting You In Your Journey

Get constant support from our rockstar team during the initial stages of setting up and using Kredily.

Data Security Guaranteed

All your company and employee data are securely stored on our servers and never shared with any third-party entities without your consent.

Payroll & HR Software for FREE

Trusted by 3000+ companies & 100,000+ Employees