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    An organization must produce payslips for its employees to have documentation of the salary received. Many businesses are outsourcing software that also serves as an online payslip generator these days. However, with an online payslip, you might gain additional benefits. It is significantly more than simply a salary slip that indicates the specifics of the salary received from the company.


    Be aware of the deductions, the tax and compliance fees

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    Getting Payslips is a struggle for your employees. This makes it hassle free

    Safety Proof

    Printed Payslips are hard to keep safe. Only your employee has access

    Past Payslips

    You employee gets access to historical payslips with ease

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    Customise, Print & Distribute Salary Slips

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      Free Forever Payroll & HR Software
      For Unlimited Employees

      Trusted by 17,000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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      So, why do we need to generate a payslip?

      As we all know, every employee or worker is aware of the pay they receive from the firm, but not everyone is aware of the deductions made or the tax and compliance fees that a company charges. This scenario often makes them confused about the salary they receive. There is a requirement for a payslip, which clarifies any concerns and provides clarity on the payment structure. 

      A payslip is a document that contains the details of an employee’s pay. Each employee has the right to request for payslip generation. In addition, firms are legally obliged to create payslips every time they give the salary to the employees. Apart from the information of the amount paid and withheld, it also includes the name of the company where the employee works, the month and year of payment generation, and the employee designation. It is a summary of the general information about the wage structure that employees require. 

      Why is it necessary to use an online payslip generator? 

      Companies were issuing payslips on paper. They were either handwritten or printed and had all of the pertinent information. Employees had to go to the HR department and request a payslip; after they obtained it, they had to keep it safe and secure to use when filing income tax returns. Though it was a strenuous effort to keep that payslip safe since there was a possibility of it getting lost or misplaced, and they wouldn’t be able to produce it when required. Also, the HR department had to regenerate the payslips after making corrections in case of any payroll discrepancies. 

      With all of these shortcomings in mind, companies introduce online payslip generators. Employees can retrieve their payslips for their working period using the payslip generator, eliminating most problems regarding safeguarding the payslip.  

      With the online payslip generator, you will get the options of sending, downloading and printing the payslip, and you can easily access it whenever you want with the help of an internet connection. An online payslip will serve as proof of the income for employees and proof of expenses for the employers. 

      Kredily’s payroll app and cloud based software allows you to generate salary slips for the employees working in your organization. 


      A payslip consists of the breakdown of the salary, perks and allowances given to the employees over a specified period. It also contains information on the amount of tax paid and the deductions made. You can choose the payslip format that best suits your needs from the Kredily payslip generator

      Payslip is the detailed information of the employee's salary. Employees can use their payslips to apply for loans from several institutions. Payslips are also used as security for the repayment, mortgages, and wage negotiations. Because it is legal documentation that a person is employed, a wage slip assures creditors to repay their loan.

      Yes, employers must generate payslips for their employees since it is a legal obligation to generate payslips within one day after making the salary payment.

      Employers generate salary slips for the employees. Many companies outsource this service from different service providers to generate salary slips on their behalf. You can outsource Kredily as a free payslip generator for your employees. 

      Employees with malicious intentions can readily modify handwritten payslips by changing the number of figures presented. Handwritten payslips have a higher probability of being misplaced.

        Free Forever Payroll & HR Software
        For Unlimited Employees

        Trusted by 17,000+ companies & 600,000+ Employees

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