Kredily vs SalaryBox

Simplify or Struggle? Kredily vs SalaryBox: HR's Choice

Core HR

Imagine your HR processes as a grand orchestra, each component playing its part in perfect harmony. Kredily is the maestro, conducting onboarding, attendance, and payroll into a seamless symphony. New team members waltz in smoothly, attendance flows like a rhythmic dance, and payroll delivers the final flourish, ensuring everyone hits the right notes. SalaryBox might offer instruments, but Kredily guides the performance, turning HR from a cacophony of tasks into a captivating experience.


Customization isn’t just about tweaking settings; it’s about crafting a bespoke HR suit that fits your organization perfectly. Kredily is your tailor, meticulously weaving features into the fabric of your workflows. Need a unique leave policy for your creative team? Kredily tailors it. Want performance reviews that match your growth-focused culture? Kredily creates them. SalaryBox might offer alterations, but Kredily creates a couture solution that reflects your unique organizational DNA, ensuring your HR processes fit like a glove and flatter your company culture.

User Interface

Step into Kredily, and HR transforms into a modern art gallery. Each click is a curated brushstroke, every screen a masterpiece of intuitive design. Forget the spreadsheet jungles of other platforms; Kredily splashes your HR tasks with vibrant colors, turning data into digestible visuals. It’s not just efficiency; it’s an aesthetic revolution, making HR a joy to navigate, not a chore to endure. SalaryBox might be functional, but Kredily elevates the experience, leaving you humming with delight after every interaction.

Superior Customer Support

Kredily’s customer support isn’t just helpful; it’s a dedicated account manager, anticipating your needs before you even take a step. They’re the ear that listens to your HR challenges, the voice that offers creative solutions, and the hand that guides you through every tricky manoeuvre. Forget textbook references and automated queues; Kredily’s support team is a symphony of empathy and expertise, dancing alongside you to ensure your HR performance hits all the right notes. SalaryBox might offer assistance, but Kredily offers partnership, a true investment in your long-term HR success.

Features Comparison

Features Kredily SalaryBox
Login using OTP Yes No
Attendance Management Yes Yes
Leave Management Yes Yes
Payroll Yes Yes
Customizable Salary Structure Unlimited Yes
Form 16 & 12BB Yes No
Income Tax Computation Yes No
Income Tax Computation Projections For Employees Yes No
Geo Fencing Yes No
Selfie GPS Attendance Yes No
Asset Management Yes No
Multi City Calendar Yes No
ID Card Visiting Card Generation For Employees Yes No
Letter Generation Yes No
Real Time Sync Biometric Integration Yes No
Setup Support Yes Yes

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