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    5 Benefits of Using an Attendance Management System

    Managing attendance is efficient only if it’s real-time and automated. An attendance management system works on all facets of attendance, absences, leaves, and payroll. It not only reduces errors but also slashes expenses and improves productivity and profits.

    Did you know that employee absenteeism can devour up to 35 percent of an organisation’s payroll? (source Mercer). Which brings us to one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today – managing employee attendance. Employees are a company’s biggest asset and keeping accurate and error-free information about their working hours, entry, exit, leaves and breaks should be top priority for companies. Maintaining the right attendance information can make a difference to company operations, its productivity and efficiency. It also speaks volumes about how a company treats its employees.

    Manual attendance records can be prone to errors, which in turn, can dip employee morale, productivity and efficiency. However, with attendance management technology having grown by leaps today, keeping track of an employee’s work schedules has become a smooth process.

    Why Use the Attendance Management Tool?

    Businesses use technology across verticals to transform the way they function and to improve profits and turnovers. Technology has also improved workplace wellness, and attendance management has been among its beneficiaries.

    Business dynamics have also undergone a metamorphosis. Multi-locations for companies are a norm today, with employees working across geographies and time zones. With such a multi-faceted workplace, it becomes a challenge for the HR department to manage and keep tabs on employee work schedules and productivity. Keeping track of attendance can go completely haywire if proper attendance management systems – that track and tabulate work schedules accurately and in real-time – are not in place. ​Read our blog “Does Your Start Up Need a Leave Management System? Here’s the top 5 answers to often asked questions on leaves” to know how and why to choose a leave management software​.

    Here are five benefits of using attendance management systems.

    They are accurate and reliable and
    eliminate the need for log books for

    Attendance log books worked fine in the olden days of pen-and-paper offices. But they’ve long outlived their value. Consider a most basic scenario: What if you need to check an employee’s attendance data from six months back. It would almost be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Imagine the amount of time, energy and resource that would go into finding an old register and laboriously scanning it to dig out the relevant information. An automated attendance management system would do the same task at a much faster rate. HR functions like payroll calculations and leave tabulation – that used to be herculean administrative jobs – now happen with the click of a mouse. And that too, far more reliably and accurately, with no worry of human errors.

    Large organizations that employ hundreds of employees would find it impossible and unreasonable to work with manual attendance log books today. Adopting an efficient attendance management is the logical way to go for them.

    They come with a crucial Employee Self Service feature

    Almost all attendance management tools have self-service features that help employees to flag any wrong data that may have been entered into the system. This helps companies use the data for compliance and legal purposes. While it’s true that attendance tracking technology offers near perfect accuracy, there may be times when it captures incorrect information due to software or server glitches or tracker malfunctions. By using the self-service option, employees can touch base with the HR or payroll departments and inform them about the discrepancy and get it rectified. This saves time and money for both the employee and employers. It also helps employees keep tabs on how much work hours they have logged in and plan their work schedules better. Employers are saved from facing unnecessary issues as attendance discrepancies get sorted at an initial stage.

    Improves Efficiency and Productivity

    One of the most time-consuming tasks that the HR and payroll departments have to take on is calculating the hours each employee spends at work, leaves taken, days worked, and breaks availed of. If done manually, this can be prone to errors. Intelligent attendance management tools can eliminate this tedious job function completely. Attendance systems are designed to track the minutest details of employee work hours. They also provide instant data, improving productivity and efficiency.

    They are cost-Effective and bring in
    better RoI

    Cost advantage is a big reason why organisations must invest in an efficient attendance management system. It guarantees a better return on investment too. Buying an attendance management tool is a one-time investment, which can save companies the recurring costs of either outsourcing the job or hiring additional HR personnel to manage the payroll function. Put the two options on a cost-to-company weighing scale and investing in an attendance system will emerge as a clear winner. In the long run, attendance management systems save money, time and resources for organizations.
    Read our blog “Benefits of Linking Payroll with Attendance” to know why you should link your payroll with attendance.

    Provide better insights into employee work patterns

    Attendance Management systems provide companies with detailed overview on the work pattern of each employee – from hours worked, leaves taken, absences, and overtime. And organizations can generate this data in various formats – be it daily, weekly or monthly reports. This data goes a long way in building transparency and accountability in a company. It’s also a handy tool for managers during appraisal time. It can help HR managers to plan, analyze and improve company policies regarding leaves, work culture and schedules, performance and pay.

    It goes without saying that attendance management tools will be a necessity rather than luxury for new-age workplaces. Pen-paper offices are a thing of the past. This system provides a one-stop-shop for all your time tracking and leave planning requirements, and everything in between.

    Kredily’s unique cloud-based attendance management system meets all the benefit markers listed above, and more. It allows employees to digitally mark their attendance from anywhere they may be working. To make work seamless for HR, its attendance system is linked to the payroll process. Another beneficial feature is its proprietary payment gateway, Kredpay, which allows instant transfer of salaries to employees. There are added non-HR features too – like its video calling solution ‘Greet’ and collaboration platform ‘Reach’​