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    Benefits of Automating Salary Payments

    Automating salary payments can save your organization’s payroll and HR professionals a huge amount of time and effort. This greatly reduces the risk of errors in paychecks and other benefits. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of automating payroll and how it will benefit your company and the employees. 

    Consider this: you have different teams to manage employee payrolls and payment, employee entry and exit, leaves and absence, and human resources. Having these teams to coordinate at the end of the month to process employee salary can be a nightmare. 

    What if the payroll is embedded with the HRMS tool and automated? It will not only make the job of everyone easy but also be transparent.

    Automated payroll systems can make the job easier for the payrolls team as employees use the self-service features to enter personal and banking details in the payroll systems, thereby ensuring that the payrolls team doesn’t err while typing employee’s details. (Read our article on Why you need Salary Payments Gateway as an alternative to Corporate Internet Banking.)

    It also helps companies stay in compliance with the local and national laws as automated processes are more likely to perform consistently.

    Benefits of Automating salary payments

    Employees wait for their salary at the end of the month because they work hard for it. Every month, the payroll team pours over employee attendance, checks their leaves, absences, and confirms that with the HR team and the employee’s managers and then deposits money in the employee’s bank account. 

    This is a lot of work for all of them and if this isn’t difficult and stressful enough, there is a possibility of few employees getting paid less or their salary delayed due to one or the other reason leading to distress not just for the HR and payroll department but also the employee. 

    So, it’s no surprise that companies want to automate their employees payroll data. Several external vendors offer payroll management which is in the form of a web service that employees log in every month to check for the salary received and taxes cut. The problem here is most companies have an HRMS tool that deals with everything except salary such as employee confirmation, joining and separation, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. For salaries, they have to go to another portal.

    What if you could get an HRMS solution that had a payment gateway included and had every detail of an employee? This could be used to transfer salary or other monetary benefits at the end of the month in an instant without error.


    KredPay, part of the Kredily HRMS solution does just that. KredPay acts like any other payment gateway that you see in the market today. And the best part is because it’s included as part of the HRMS solution, employees can see all details about salary, cuts, and more. (Read our article on What is a Payment Gateway and How Does it Work?)

    Here are four benefits of automating payroll:

    1. Swift and easy salary calculation and bank transfer
      Payroll processing includes employee data crunching, comparing, and speaking with multiple people to confirm the data which mostly involves a lot of time. Now imagine if this could be automated, then the teams involved with payroll can be better utilized in other areas of the company. An automatic payroll system easily processes all types of payments— from salary to overtime, commission, bonuses, and more.
      KredPay does all of these and because it’s included as part of the Kredily HRMS solution, employees can see every single detail, right in their HRMS dashboard. It also supports external payment to freelancers, contractors, vendors, and others outside the company.
    2. Better recordkeeping with hassle-free operations
      Having a comprehensive dashboard is anyday desirable than multiple tools with a fractured view of the data. While it’s easier for bigger companies to incorporate payment information with their HRMS tools, smaller companies do not have that luxury.They depend on two different tools and using them can be a hassle— leading to wastage of time and cost along with losing an opportunity for analysis which a single window provides at one glance.
      Also, imagine remembering passwords of two different tools and if you forget the password of either of the tools, then you have to regenerate the passwords, thus wasting productivity at work. Also, there could be issues of the server crashing or not being available and you are in limbo.
      Kredily solves all that with its Kredily HRMS tool. Since its launch in 2017, over 3000 companies, across the country have used the tool to integrate HR and payroll, thus saving time for both the departments.
      Besides it’s the only tool these companies use to maintain records of employee’s work timings, entry, exit, joining, separation, tax, tax-saving bill submission, refunds, and more.
    3. Raises employee morale and productivity and of course the experience
      Who would like to go to two different portals to check for attendance details and salary details? Kredily HRMS makes the job easy for everyone involved here because both the employees as well as the people in the payroll, HR, and other departments are on the same page. 
      When the payroll system is automated, all important documents are easily accessible and stored in the right place. With all payroll related details transparent, the instances of employees conflicting with others in the department is reduced and this raises the morale of everyone in the company and boosts their productivity and efficiency. This goes a long way in creating a positive employee experience.
    4. Secure and accurate
      Having both the payment gateway and HRMS in one single dashboard makes it not only accurate but also secure. By automating payroll, the accuracy of the processing increases to up to 100%. To prevent data loss and secure information proper measures need to be taken. Automated payroll systems are very robust and there’s no data leakage. Kredily HRMS is a SaaS solution based on the cloud and hence is as secure as it can get.

    If you have been thinking about automating your payroll and HR function, now is the time to get ahead. The current pandemic situation has brought unimaginable changes to the way we all work and with most companies still not fully functional and their employees working from home, one must ensure that your employees remain productive while making processes transparent. 

    If you want your business to transition to digital, then you must choose the best payroll automation system. Kredily HRMS with integrated KredPay payment gateway will help you to drive on the payroll automation highway. Get in touch with us now.

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