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    An organization must produce payslips for its employees to have documentation of the salary received. Many businesses are outsourcing software that also serves as an online payslip generator these days. However, with an online payslip, you might gain additional benefits. It is significantly more than simply a salary slip that indicates the specifics of the salary received from the company.


    Be aware of the deductions, the tax and compliance fees

    Hassle Free

    Getting Payslips is a struggle for your employees. This makes it hassle free

    Safety Proof

    Printed Payslips are hard to keep safe. Only your employee has access

    Past Payslips

    You employee gets access to historical payslips with ease

    Salary Slip Printing

    Customise, Print & Distribute Salary Slips

    Payroll Management

    Simplest Payroll Management System With 1 Click Approval & Payouts

      Payroll & HR Software

      Trusted by 13000+ companies & 500,000+ Employees
      Existing User? 

      So, why do we need to generate a payslip?

      So, what are their arguments for not adopting an online payment system?

      It’s possible that those businesses are hesitant to implement change in the form of automation, or they’ve acquired the perception that online payment processing is expensive and will not fit into their budget. Whatever the reason, businesses should use this technique of online payment processing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. The purpose of online payroll software is to make payment processing easier. 

      So why do businesses need to execute payroll smoothly and correctly? 

      Payroll processing is a core issue for every business. It is one of the first things for which the majority of employees work. Therefore, if they have any difficulties with payment, it impairs their ability to work. In addition, many internal organizational conflicts occur as a result of salary processing anomalies. Therefore, companies must be cautious when processing payments because if they do not, they will have to go through the entire process to correct the error.

      What more your company will gain from using online payroll software?

      This question has a long list of possible answers. There are numerous advantages to switching to Kredily’s free forever payroll software for your organization. Take a look at a few of the benefits:

      • Calculations of major salary components, such as PT, ESI, TDS, and PF, are error-free. For these complex computations, you don’t need to hire a professional accountant. However, Kredily will save your money on employing chartered accountants to handle any statutory compliance changes because Kredily will automatically update it for you. 
      • All tax deductions will be simple to make, making your payroll process more accurate, dependable, and efficient. In addition, this process is so open that you can view every aspect of your payroll online using the Kredily account you set up for your business.
      • By automating all of the computations, online payroll processing will benefit your firm. You need not worry about preserving and protecting payroll data because you can save all valuable data for longer periods without risk of manipulation. You will have enough time to focus on making strategic business decisions. 
      • Online payment processing software is cost-effective for your firm as your company will have complete control over it. In addition, because of its seamless automated feature, you will not need any professional experience to access it.

      Try Kredily’s online payroll software to help your business run more smoothly by alleviating the present challenges you’re having with payroll processing.


      Adopting online payroll software will prove to be one of the best decisions you can make for your company because companies design these programs to prevent errors while manually processing payroll. As a result, you can quickly compute each employee's compensation, complete compliance, and generate payment after doing all appropriate deductions and benefits, among other things.

      Before you purchase payroll software, there are four things you should check for: 

      • Pricing plans based on the number of employees in your company 
      • Technical assistance and compatibility
      • Additional features like payslip generation, tax management etc. 
      • User feedback 

      Even though the market is full of online payroll software, Kredily will provide your company with the greatest and most cost-effective payroll management experience possible, regardless of its size. It has a wide range of included automatic features, making it easy to use and easily accessible customer service.

      Payroll issues must have plagued every company that used the traditional manual technique of processing salaries. Therefore, a company must migrate to automatic online payment processing software to avoid such issues and save money.