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    Dos & Donts of Video Conferencing

    Visually driven conferencing is more popular than audio or web-based conferencing, for it adds more value and experience into business meetings. Work from Home has become the de-facto option for almost everyone and knowing the do’s and don’t’s would help in getting more out of your video interactions.

    While we are getting used to working from home and navigating this new landscape, there are times when we forget or are not aware of the video conferencing etiquette leading to awkward moments. 

    Video conferencing has increased work efficiency for both businesses and employees and knowing the best practices will further help the resources and the organization. (If you want to know more about how to make video conferencing work for you read our article 6 Ways to Make Your Video Conferencing Highly Effective. ) 

    To elevate the video conferencing experience follow these simple and easy-to-follow do’s and don’ts.  

    It’s important to follow professional etiquettes and protocols when working from home or using video conferencing tools. Think of WFH as a regular office but with a difference. Decluttering your computer or laptop table and removing unwanted stuff is the first thing you should do every morning as you log in for work. (Read our article on The 5 Best Video Conferencing Tools). This will help in organizing your digital workspace and get maximum from your video conferencing opportunities.

    Do Frame Yourself in the Middle of the Screen

    Use the adjust camera option to check if the placement is in the middle of the screen. Place the cameras nearby, so that you don’t look away from the screen. Make sure the lighting around you is correct, neither too much nor to low. Place your chat window close to the webcam such that you can maintain eye contact on the screen. Lastly, avoid placing the laptop on tilted angles so that you don’t look up or down on the screen. That would look weird, also it isn’t ergonomically suitable to sit in such postures for long durations.

    Keep Your Background Professional

    You have virtual background available these days to hide the background clutter. One can always have a clean and neat corner assigned for office video conferencing. It is important to find a quiet place for your video calls.

    Do Set Up Equipment Before The

    One can proactively avoid any technical glitches by preparing for the meeting beforehand such as. keeping the system checked and ready and checking the internet speed, or reading your meeting agenda. Keep the presentation open in the tab if you are the presenter as well as keep your desktop and tabs clean if you are going to share your screen. Close all irrelevant windows and applications before connecting to the call.

    Dress Appropriately

    Not all video calls are similar. Audiences and expectations may differ as per the type of call. You can have calls with family, friends, or business groups. While you don’t need to be formally dressed for informal family calls, it is appropriate to be formal and adhere to dress code for business meetings.

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    Don’t Fidget, Slouch, or Look Around
    With Disinterest

    When you do any of these, you will come across as a person who is not interested in meetings. Also, such behavior is more visible on the screen than in real meetings as such actions are easily amplified on cameras. Showing anxiety or impatience is easily visible. Even small gestures or irritation looks amplified on the cameras. Make eye contact to build trust. Stay awake and give facial expressions or smile or a nod to the presenter.

    Don’t Shout

    Talking in normal pitch is perfectly okay. One might not realize how they sound to the other person on video call since you are not on the other end.

    Don’t Disappear

    Stop sharing video is a good option when you have sudden distractions walk upon. But one can notice if you have purposely switched off the video and audio and disappeared for a long duration. That is rude and disrespectful to all the participants present.

    Don’t Eat

    While drinking water or a cup of coffee is fine, snacking on a sandwich or anything else is, however, not acceptable. Also, microphones are sensitive to any kind of sound. If you don’t have anything important to say, keeping the mic on mute is a good idea to avoid background noise.

    Don’t Talk Over Each Other

    If you have something very important to ask or say, raise a hand. There are virtual raise hand options available, you can type the question and send in the chat window. Talking over each other becomes chaotic and nobody gets anything out of the meeting. Avoid talking to anyone else in the room if the speaker is presenting.

    Don’t Type

    Typing or chatting with the microphone on is disturbing for everyone. It creates a lot of noise. Also, it is visible on cam that you aren’t attentive and chatting or chuckling over another window.

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